Thursday, September 30, 2010


Got galleys today for Sleepy Hollow Dreams. 
      So it's looking more and more like the novel really will be released in time for a holiday coming up soon, a holiday that falls, oh,  say,  next month. A holiday where  such things as tombstones and ravens and big, silvery autumn moons would not be wildly inappropriate!
      Insert mad, demonic cackling here.

      But first, let's all admire the cover again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

A little Lara and Cole this week, I think. Can't wait to get back to them. Once I'm fully electronically up and running again and not so time challenged. And then...well, who knows. Have some ideas perking. But I think it may be a dark and stormy night before I tackle another contemporary again!
So, from my WIP, working titled Cole in Her Stocking (because that amuses me for now): 

The booming bass of AC-DC’s For Those About to Rock throbbed through Flight Risk. Special Agent Cole Brannigan slapped his bar rag on his shoulder and massaged his temples. The crashing heavy metal put paid to any hope he had of catching the conversation of the men seated next to the juke box, despite the bug he'd planted under the table. He tapped a fingernail against his earwig. Static. But he could taste probable cause like a double shot of espresso on his tongue.  

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have been without internet access on my PC since Tuesday or Wednesday.
I get emails on the BlackBerry, so I'm not  completely out of touch.
But no blogging. No Twitter. No loops.
I have been skating the edge of crazy.

Since the Cable Guy is not even coming here until tomorrow night...I  am increasingly anxious. Panicky. Shortness of breath. Palpitations. Loss of appetite. The whole Magilla Gorilla. So far I have not really experienced acute physical pain, drooling or foaming at the mouth or cramping. It's probably only a matter of time, though. Especially since, after I clear everything out of my den closet to provide access to Cable Guy, he is probably going to tell me, as Verizon Boy did, that he has no freakin' clue.

So  how am I here, you may be wondering?  A newly-accquired Toshiba mini with a screen only slightly larger than the BlackBerry, but a keyboard I can type on with more than my thumbs.  And a huge new additional Verizon bill. And a night and morning spent at Starbucks. Let's not go there.  Let's just say  I've been sloshing down many grande lattes and venti iced coffees.  Which may or may not  account for all the palpatations and flutters and feet tapping.

I prefer to chalk it up to my untethered, out-of-control E Addiction, though.  I can quit coffee any time I want.

Hope I'll be around for Six Sentence Sunday. 

We'll see.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

            I bow to the will of the people. Or, at least to the majority vote of the three Dream Voyagers commenters who left hanging chads in favor of a Six Sentence Sunday snippet from the historical over the erotic paranormal.

           Which makes me sniff a little on behalf of Sleepy Hollow Dreams.
           (It's okay, Ryck and Katy. I still love you. Especially you, Ryck!)

          (I could be wrong, but I think some of you just liked looking at the picture of Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in Pride & Prejudice.)

         So, not that this is a true democracy, or that I was soliciting votes in the last blog post or anything like's another picture of Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy for you. 
         Oh, yeah.  And six sentences for Six Sentence Sunday from Healing Hearts, my Regency romance (coming next year from Carina Press):

Swathed in her cloak, she gazed at him with fierce fire burning in her eyes, as long tendrils of wine-red hair escaped her hood and slashed her cheeks.

“Why have you come, Riverton?”

Her tone could have peeled the rind from a lemon. He was not accustomed to such address; even during the war men had leaped to obey his barked commands. This young woman, such a study in contrasts, baffled him. His nostrils flared, like those of a beast aroused by its mate.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When It Rains... know how to finish it.

(Please no one yell out "Cliche Alert!")

I've been so totally immersed in Sleepy Hollow Dreams, releasing soon (I hope!)  and the revisions and the cover art and the release date (still don't have one!), that I almost (oh, okay, not really) forgot about Healing Hearts, my Regency romance coming next year from Carina Press.

Got some edits today.  Very minor. Zero re-rewriting.  Essentially a matter of approve/disapprove. 

Switching gears from sizzling erotic paranormal set in the modern-day suburban village of Sleepy Hollow to a sensual romance set in 1812 England is quite the little culture shock.

Makes me giggle, it does.

So now I'm wondering....which to do on Six Sentence Sunday?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Yin...the Yang

So this is how my day went...
In the a.m., I got a $50 ticket because my car's windshield registration sticker expired yesterday, and either the DMV never sent me the new sticker, it got swept out in the flood...or I just never got around to peeling the old sticker off (it usually involves razor blades) and affixing the new sticker to the glass.

And then, in the afternoon, I got this:

    (I screeched so loudly at work everyone thought I'd hurt myself.)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's another entry for "Six Sentence Sunday."

Once again, from the first chapter of Sleepy Hollow Dreams, my erotic paranormal coming soon from The Wild Rose Press's  Scarlet Rose line:

         No sultry sighs. No erotic moans. No lusty grunts of sweaty, animal passion. No carnal express train to mind-blowing ecstasy. Not tonight.
       Tonight, danger scented the autumn air.

Here's the link for Six Sentence Sunday:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drip, drip, drip...

...or, don't call me in a crisis.

So the flood saga continues. The claims adjuster just left. Bizarrely, I knew him from two jobs ago, when we both received pay checks from a different insurance carrier.

He measured  absolutely everything in the apartment, doors, ceilings, alcoves, nooks, crannies, Kindles. (No, just kidding there.)  Aside from the super ginormous metal tape measure, he had a laser gizmo that I'd never seen before. Want one!  No real use for it...but I want one!  (It will certainly beat crawling across the floor with the floppy tape measure trying to figure out if a rug or credenza will fit in some out-of-the-way spot.)

All this from an exploding bathroom sink.

I have enormous new sympathy for people who actually live through real flood crises. Or oil spills. Or earthquakes. Or whatever. I would probably be curled in a fetal position eating spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar.

Stay tuned for Six Sentence Sunday.
(Putting this reminder up to keep me honest. If I forget, someone give me a shout. But not too loudly.  Because, you know, it'll be Sunday.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

           A free day!  A free day!
           NOTHING to do. Except clean. And shop. Deal with the cable and insurance companies. Twitter. Blog. Write. Plan. Dream.
           Laze around.
          Yeah, that one.
         Maybe crack the ginormouse TBR pile, now not only consisting of huge stacks of paper and hardcover mounded on every available surface and some not available, but also bursting from two handheld electronic devices and five PC apps.
          Currently open on the Sony Pocket Reader: Nalini Singh's paranormal novella, Angel's Pawn, part of the Guild Hunter series. Read until 3 in the morning. Which essentially ruined me for anything else today.  And thirty-one others waiting their turns.
          Currently open on the Kindle, Mary Jo Putney's Loving a Lost Lord AND Zoe Archer's Warrior, book one of the Blades of the Rose quartet. Fifty-six others queued up and ready to go.
          Currently spine-cracked in the, er, tile-deficient bathroom: RWR and Christine Merrill's Regency, Paying the Virgin's Price, part of the 8-book Silk & Scandal series from Harlequin. (That these presently reside in the, er, powder room, should not be construed as an editorial comment of any sort.)
         Currently uncracked and unopened on the night table: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo AND James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novel, Swan Peak. Which has been there awhile. In hardcover. Love you, James Lee. Love you, Dave. But e-readers seem to have ruined me for hardcover. Just seems so...unwieldy now.
         And...currently strewn in various sexy poses on the rattan love seat, bookshelves, desktop, table and floor in the, we won't go there. Too many mountains to climb, streams to get the picture.
        So many little time.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

Trying out something a little different today.

It's called "Six Sentence Sunday."

Here are the rules and how it works:

So...brand-spanking new (and liberally tinkered with to turn twelve into six) from the new first chapter of  Sleepy Hollow Dreams:

           The rotten-egg whiff of sulphur made Katy Lyndhurst wrinkle her nose in sleep. Creak, clatter, bang, more scratching against the windowsill.
           An ominous howl of wild laughter drifted up on the night air from somewhere down the hill, closer to the Hudson River, in the mystical heart of Sleepy Hollow.
           Katy bolted upright in bed, filled with weird urgency, as if something needed her immediate attention, but she couldn’t remember what. Of course not. You’re still asleep. 

Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sleepy Hollow Dreams: The Blurb's the blurb!

How exciting is that?

Is he the man of her dreams…or her worst nightmare?

All Katy Lyndhurst wants is a normal suburban Sleepy Hollow life, despite the strange things that keep happening to her. Blistering hot erotic dreams bleed into her waking hours, making her yearn for her dream lover to materialize. When her sexy dream voyager, Ryck, shows up in the flesh and ignites her steamiest passions, she wonders if he's a sultry fantasy conjured by her fevered brain…or something much more dangerous?

Centuries ago, a wicked succubus cursed Ryck Van Winkle to fulfill the desires of sleeping women while unable to take pleasure himself. Only Katy possesses the power to break the spell and awaken him. But Ryck’s defiance sparks the demon’s fury, causing supernatural portals to crumble and allowing demonic minions to threaten Katy and her world.

Now Katy and Ryck must battle the forces of darkness together. But will Ryck will be trapped forever in her Sleepy Hollow Dreams?

Stay tuned!