Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4/24/11

Since y'all seem to be enjoying Surfer Dude, Lord of the Deep...another six. Our story up to now: After his Sirens screech their alarms in Water World, Pierce searches the coral reef for the intruder that set them off. And, with the help of an anglerfish, finds the hot pink dive fin Mia left behind.

Beaming a light on the torn Day-Glo dive fin Sea Devil had given him, Pierce located the words stamped into the sole:

“Property of Dr. A. F. Wright. 5½ M.”

But no New Mycenaean human could survive down this deep without a submersible or other high-tech equipment. Even he and his brothers and their fellow Earthling refugees required special gear.

What in sixteen hells was he looking for?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4/17/11

A little bit more from Surfer Dude...Lord of the Deep, who's still looking for the intruder that set off his Sirens.

Pierce swam with great care along the barrier reef, his methodical glide slowing as he searched for subtle clues,  displacing the colonies of amethyst polyps, glass sponges and coralline algae.

A glowing cryptopasara couesi attached itself to his side and bumped his ribs to get his attention.

 “What do you want, Sea Devil?” Pierce growled without looking up.

The anglerfish worked its wide jaws, as if barking at him, and deposited a neoprene prize in Pierce’s hand: a full-footed, hot-pink dive fin, cleanly slit along the side, the strap ragged as if something had taken a bite.

“Where’d you get it, pal?”

The fish skimmed the side of an intricate, broccoli-shaped formation, flicking its tail to center Pierce’s focus, then waggled its bioluminescent lure in salute, and fluttered away.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4/10/11

More from Mia and Surfer Dude's untitled story, the second in a series of futuristic WIPs set on the planet of New Mycenae, where Pierce and his two brothers lord it over everyone.

By way of explanation: Pierce is Surfer Dude, Lord of the Deep. His youngest brother is Zack,  also known as Cloud Boy, who holds sway over everything above the planet's crust. Their eldest brother is Aidon, The Reaper, Lord of the Underworld, hero of the Book of My Heart.

Last week we met Mia. Although Surfer Dude appears in the ms before Mia does, this is his first scene after she makes her midnight escape, leaving her dive fin behind.

Pierce scanned the dark water of Quadrant Five until his cramping muscles forced him to rest. He stopped swimming and floated within the transparent membrane of the Air Surround bubble, debating whether to surface or return to the compound to mute The Sirens' alarms. He’d already switched out and depleted three oxygenated bubbles without finding any sign of the intruder that had set the girls off tonight. 

Should he discuss the coral issue with his brothers? Water World didn't interest Cloud Boy, who wasn't doing much to curb the black market trade. But Aidon might help: nothing got by The Reaper. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4/3/11

This is from one of the futuristic paranormal WIPs I intermittently toy with. Working/temporary title is SIREN SONG (envisioned as Book 2 of a series that started with the Doomed Book of My HEART). It's the story of Mia, a nymph; and Pierce, also known as Surfer Dude, Lord of the Deep. 

One minute to midnight.

She had to get out of here.

Mia tucked the tiny purple polyps she’d harvested into a temperature-controlled specimen pouch and glanced at the Air Surround bubble heading toward her, ever larger, ever more ominous. 

She couldn’t make out the regal seal from this distance, but there was no mistaking the swimmer floating within the shimmering orb.

Grasping the blade strapped to the hip of her wet suit, she sliced through the neon pink dive fin wedged between ridges of coral.

She had no choice.