Saturday, July 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7/31/11

Guess who?
     He exuded potent masculinity from every pore, a dynamic tsunami sweeping away anything in its path as he bent his head toward hers. 

     That faint trace of fragrant avicennia gerinans rose from his sun-bronzed skin and she inhaled him, sighing, dizzy enough to plop into his lap like the white blossom of the--

         “Black mangrove,” she murmured.

         His eyes widened. Gray-green. Like sea foam.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7-17-11

More from Surfer Dude this week. (Sorry Cole fans. He's being exercised elsewhere so I'm giving him a Six Sentence Sunday rest.)

     Mia's pulse raced but her reaction to the presence of the Lord of the Deep  had little to do with him catching her red-handed as she studied her data on the amethyst coral.

     His masculine scent made her head whirl and she inhaled the fresh, salt tang of the open sea, spices carried afar by ocean breezes, an alluring musk, a faint, vague sweetness she could not immediately identify.

     And lots and lots of testosterone.

     She might not be much of a nymph according to her step-sisters, but like all her kind she was sensitive to the silent, scentless churning of male hormones and the slightest whiff of pheromones -- and Surfer Dude gave off more than a whiff.

     Jumping Jellyfish!

    He might as well bathe in the stuff.


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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7-10-11

     Took a little Facebook poll to see what'd end up here today and, at the time I set up this post, the Coles seemed to have it. At least on Facebook. (A couple of people told me privately or on Twitter they wanted to see a Surfer Dude snippet, which would have pushed Pierce over the top. You shouldn't have voted twice, Jo Kenrick!) And two people voted Regency, warming my heart.
     So...maybe more Surfer Dude next week, but for today it's Cole & Lara, more or less where we left them last week:

     Lara relinquished the small computer, but treated him to a view of her back. Muttering under her breath, she tossed things into an overnight bag, then paused, her head tilted to one side, her eyes narrowed as if she were considering the growing mound of clothes on the bed, unsure of what to take.

     “How long?” she demanded.

     Cole jerked his gaze away from the enticing sight of her curvy, heart-shaped ass bent over the carryall and decided she was not asking about the size of his erect cock.

     “How long what?” he grunted, more than a little stupid after all the blood had left his brain on a southbound train.

     “How long will this alleged ‘protective custody’ of yours last?”

(Googled "Male models with guns" and this picture popped up. Naturally, I thought it was a picture of Cole, fully armed. I now realize he's not carrying firearms at all -- it's a frickin' saddle. With stirrups. At least I think it is. Has nothing whatever to do with this snippet. But it's so tasty I'm keeping it, anyway. I'm pretty sure y'all will agree on that call.)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7-3-11

Happy 4th of July Weekend! So great to see some of you at RWA!

Happy Independence Day             

A little hectic and rushed this weekend, but I thought I'd take a break from Surfer Dude's story to go back to Lara & Cole for a bit:

     They drove to her apartment without bothering to ask her address and both agents stood watch—Tolliver at the door, firearm drawn, and Cole in the messy, clothes-strewn bedroom—as Lara headed straight for her laptop.

     “I’ll take that,” he said, grabbing the neoprene computer case from her hand. 

     “The hell you will,”she said, tugging the strap.

     “Do you want to wrestle me for it, Ace?”

     “Got a warrant, G-man?”

     “I can have one in ten seconds, so get your stuff so we can get the fuck out of here -- and mention the word 'warrant' to me one more time, and I'll take you to school."

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