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Dragon's Breath Cover Reveal



Kali's Double Dragon Series continues to grow!
Dragon's Breath, the third instalment in the 1NS Double Dragon Series is
coming this fall!

The 1Night Stand dating service is at it again! Madame Evangeline steps in
the help the granddaughter of an old friend...

An immortal protector under a dark curse longs for the love of a single
woman, and a dragoness desperate to find a mate that can withstand her
fiery lineage, seek the help of Madame Eve through a 1 Night Stand.
Their biggest challenge? Sunrise.

Eternal suffering is the fate dealt to Roark Blackwell. A fierce protector
under a curse, he longs for a woman can never have. By day, a hideous stone
creature, and by night, a flesh and blood immortal, starving for the touch
of a single woman. After centuries of torment, he takes his destiny into
his own hands and seeks the help of Madame Evangeline. For a single night,
he wants to feed his carnal cravings, but what happens when morning comes?

Living dangerously comes second nature to Kaida Lee. Struggling with her
dark sexual appetite, her fiery temper and her ancient lineage makes
finding an ideal match impossible. A descendant of the dragon, she has a
genetic burden that no mere mortal could withstand. Having two cousins
succeed in romance with the aid of their friend Madame Eve, she seeks
satisfaction through the services of 1 Night Stand.
For your chance to win a copy of Double Dragon Seduction and Dragon Temptation, enter the rafflecopter !!!


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FROST Giveaway!

Want a chance to win a free copy of FROST?

It'll be featured in the ARe Cafe's Book A Day Giveway on Sunday, May 26.

Perfect reading for a long hot holiday weekend.

Dagney Night, a sought-after succubus, is no stranger to blazing hot sex. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, she longs for something more. When oddly erotic paintings arrive for display at her art gallery, arousing everyone who views them, she wonders about the mysterious artist who created the works. 

Maxwell Raines, a fire-sex demon, lives a life of solitude and seclusion behind the walls of his compound at Sleepy Hollow, channeling his lustful impulses into his art—until his muse deserts him and his temperature rises past the danger point. He needs sex. Now.

When Madame Evangeline arranges a torrid Valentine’s 1Night Stand for them, will the flames of their encounter be too hot to handle?
Dagney followed her sister’s glance, and her heart flipped like a gymnast unable to nail a vault. Darkness swathed the gallery with the exception of the lights above or below each of the paintings. The large man emerging from the shadows held her rapt. Waves of pure, unadulterated lust smacked her with such force she didn’t even see Lily and Campbell leave. The blast of raw desire crumpled her to the floor. Her gaze remained riveted on the tall hunk of ferocious male stalking toward her, radiating undiluted carnality. He set something carefully on the floor and grasped her by the elbows, his touch surprisingly gentle when he lifted her to her feet.

“I’m Maxwell Raines.”

Yeah. No kidding. Who else could a guy so hot, so studly, possibly be?

She told herself not to swoon. Ordered herself not to swoon. But, Goddess, that rumbling voice. More potent than a train barreling over the tracks. And he smelled so good. Sinfully masculine. A bit of musk, a bite of pine, an essence of dark, smoky nights. Sexy scents. Reminiscent of tangled satin sheets that had been given a good work-out.

Her legs turned to rubber, and she doubted they’d support her on their own. She’d be mortified if he’d have to scrape her puddled body up again. But he hadn’t yet relaxed his grip. Could she bullshit her way through the meeting without collapsing? “You’re late,” she said.

“I’m never late.”

“Well, the party’s over, Mr. Raines.” She waved a hand around the empty room.

“Depends on your perspective.”

“You’re big on perspective, are you?”

“I’m a painter.” A brief shrug accompanied his blunt words. “Obvious connection.”

“Right. But as you can see, everyone’s left.”

“You haven’t.” He gazed down at her, a black brow flaring. “And you’re what I’m here for.”


5 Stars from TheTBRpile: 
This story was on fire! I wish I could tell you why but that would take all the fun out of it. This satisfied my need for romance, sensuality, and smoking hot sex. I mean is there any other kind? Ms. Kincaid is like a lyricist. Her carefully chosen words set the mood beautifully...
Max Raine is delicious, dark, and sinful. Like chocolate with chipotle sauce... Frost was a phenomenal read I highly recommend.  
Recommended Read! ARe Cafe and Wildfire Newsletter: I liked Dagney. She is smart and has a cute inner voice that made me smile a couple of times... I liked Maxwell too. He is a sexy bad boy who wants someone to call his own... The love scenes between them are blistering hot. 
 5 Stars from BEA's Book Nook: "I couldn't put this down once I started reading and read it again to warm up with all the snow." ~ Carol

5 Stars from Reading the Paranormal: "Holy... wow! There's a whole lot of sexy going on here. A whole lot. Between Max's paintings and Dagney's succubus sex drive, things are smokin' from page 1! .... This series is ridiculously sexy and fun and Dagney and Max are the most combustible of the couples yet."~ Kelly

4 Stars from Reviewing Vixens: Excellent Read-Highly Recommended: "This is another amazing read for anyone that likes it sizzling, I'd recommend it."

 4 Stars from That's What I'm Talking About: "Frost is a lovely, sensual work, full of gorgeous descriptive detail with sultry undertones. I delighted in reading Dagney’s POV as she views Max’s work. The way she describes the paintings and their erotic impulse effects is a mixture of sensual and artistic which is sublime. . . The couple are quietly romantic and a perfect fit for one another...The story is sexy, sensual and romantic...

5 Stars from Dangerosa:  Fun, sexy read : "What woman hasn't wished for that perfect Valentine's Day? Dagney may be a succubus, but this year she's just one of the girls. Kincaid combines sex, romance, humor, wit and a little pathos in this nicely balanced story. There's also a succubus and a fire-sex demon thrown in for good measure. Frost is a very satisfying read. Next time someone mentions Valentine's Day, I'm going to think of it with a whole new perspective. "

4 Stars from Reviews by Molly :"What a fiery way to melt the frost! Frost is a sexy, dangerous, dark, and just spicy enough short story in the popular 1 Night Stand series...  The chemistry between the two as it literally licked, and flamed right off the pages."~ Nicole

4 Stars from Coffee and a Book Anytime: "I’ve had the pleasure of reading other books by Taryn Kincaid and they were all very sexy, satisfying reads. Frost is another very sexy and oh-so-satisfying read! Frost may be a short story but it packs a sexual punch right from the beginning. This is the perfect book if you’re looking for something sinfully sexy that will only take a couple of minutes to read."  ~ Julie Kornhausl

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Irish Kisses Cover Reveal

To celebrate the summer release of Irish Kisses (isn't the cover gorgeous?), fellow Decadent Publishing Author JoAnne Kenrick is offering a special giveaway. See below for the deets!
Irish Kisses
Print edition



The boys from Bell's Irish Pub have been delivering tasty treats to digital readers around the globe, and hitting bestseller lists at Amazon, All Romance, and Bookstrand. And now, they're coming to PRINT!

A collection of five romances set in Bell's Irish Pub, each with its own special tasty treat served by the staff of Bell's. The 1Night Stand dating service shakes and stirs things up for Bell's. When Madame Eve puts two people together for just one night, anything is possible…. Throw in sexy cocktails and to-die-for Irish hotties, and it's a recipe for sweet Irish kisses and perhaps even wedding Bell's.


Can he win her over with his secret weapon, a Sweet Irish Kiss, or is Rachel still too scared to love?


Will his Irish charm and toys be enough to hold onto his leading lady, or will his heart be Shamrocked into next week?


Is a dash of Threesome Sweetness the remedy each is looking for, or will the date leave a bitter aftertaste each will regret for the rest of their lives?


Can she hack it in the real world of romance, or are life's complications and treacherous snowstorms best left to the pages of a book? 


Does she love him enough to leave the comforts of England? And is there something behind his sudden proposal?

Cover Artist:

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Sunday Sizzle 5-19-13

Signed a contract  last week with Decadent Publishing for HEAT WAVE, my next Sleepy Hollow series 1Night Stand story. No release date yet. Maybe late summer or fall. It's the story of Lily and Dagney's sister, Zena, and Max Raines' cousin, Bhyrne. She's a naughty succubus. He's the queen's enforcer. And, oh, yeah. He's in fire-sex demon heat. The story's a sizzler.

Here's a snippet for you. It's unedited, though. So what you see may not be what you get!
             Bhyrne Raines eyed the sultry succubus before him with as much steel as he could muster. Marauding minions! It was all he could do to keep from grabbing her by her barely-clad ass. He ached to fling her against the concrete wall, drag her booted legs around his waist and jackhammer into her seductive heat.  Over and over. Until she whimpered, sated and limp in his arms. And he roared with the force of his release. Nothing, certainly no female, no matter how hot and juicy, had ever tempted him to such a degree that he nearly scrapped his mission.

He was all about the honor. Without that, he was nothing.
 Don't forget to check out Lily's story in LIGHTNING and Max and Dagney's story in FROST!

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Decadent A Buck a Book Blog Hop -- Shiela Stewart

Hi, everyone! Decadent Publishing is holding a fabulous "A Buck a Book" Blog Hop featuring terrific Decadent writers from May 13 to June 30 -- and there's an awesomesauce giveaway: an HD 7" Nook tablet. (I want one!)

I'm so happy to be a stop on the blog hop, hosting fellow Decadent writer, Shiela Stewart, the author of AWAKEN THE DEMON and THE NAUGHTY ANGEL!

Take it away, Shiela!

Hi, my name is Shiela Stewart. I am a paranormal romance author. As part of the Decadent A Buck a Book Win a Nook blog hop I’m here to share with you a little something I set up between the characters of Awaken the Demon (Draco and Missy) and The Naughty Angel (Ariel and Edison) because I felt they had a lot on common. Edison and Draco are both demons, and Missy and Ariel being very similar in personalities as in being more passive. Here is a rundown of what occurred. (I secretly recorded them)
Because Edison and Ariel are wanted by heaven and hell for treason, this encounter had to be cloaked for their safety. The meeting took place at Draco and Missy’s mansion which Draco equipped with plenty of guard for their protection.

This is just audio, so you will have to use your imagination as to what they are doing as they speak.


Draco: Welcome to our home. I hope your travels were uneventful?”

Edison: Thanks to your guards and the cloaking spell. Wow, this place is incredible.  Bet you hold some pretty awesome parties here.”

Missy: “We’re really not much of the partying type. I must say, I’ve never been in the presence of an angel before. I’m quite…uneasy.”

Ariel: “There’s no need. I’m no different than you really.”   

Edison: “Don’t let her sweetness fool you. She can be a nasty bitch when she wants to. Ouch!”

Draco: “I must say, when Shiela came to me with the idea of having us meet I was quite hesitant.”

Missy: “Hesitant. You threatened to disembowel her.”

Draco: “As well I should. Just the thought of me being in the same room with an angle is preposterous.”

Missy: “Please forgive my husband. He can be a bit of an ass at times.”

Ariel: “I understand the concern. When I heard she wanted us to meet with the two of you I was very nervous. You are, after all, Draco, a descendant from Satan himself.”

Edison: “I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet you. I’ve heard all the tales about you, good and bad. It’s an honor to finally meet you.”

Ariel: “You’re drooling, Edison.”

Edison: “You would drool too if you were in the presence of Jesus. Aw fuck, I don’t mean to compare you to Jesus. That was stupid.”

Missy: “Relax Edison. We understand. Can I offer the two of you a drink?”

Edison: “Hell yeah. Scotch, neat.”

Ariel: “Water will be fine for me, thank you.”

*Feet shuffling. Glasses clinking. *

Ariel: “I must admit, I really don’t understand Shiela’s motivation in having us get together. Thank you.” *Sounds of sipping.*

Missy: “She is a baffling woman. I found trying to get inside her head and figuring out her motivations frustrating. She put Draco and I through so much, twisting our stories about, changing what actually happened to her liking.”

Draco: “I told you long ago my love, that I could control her mind and have her tell our story properly.”

Missy: “And I told you to leave her be. She’s entitled to her creativity even if it is—“

Draco:  ”Wrong. She made me sound so…passive.”

Missy: “She put the event in which you killed Vincent in the book despite my pleading for her not to.”

Draco: “And she made it seem so tame.”

Missy: “She wanted readers to like you, not fear you.”

Draco: “I am to be feared.”

Missy: “Yes dear.”

Ariel: “She left out some key points in my story as well. Deciding to do a one night stand took a great deal of deliberation for me. She made it seem like it was nothing for me to turn on my beliefs and my loyalties and take a man to my bed whom I would never see again. I struggled for months with my decision.”

Edison: “And I am forever grateful for your decision.”

Missy: Was it hard for you both to turn on your beliefs and leave your families behind in order to be together?”

Ariel: “You would know better than anyone what love can do. No, it wasn't easy for me to step away from my kind, but at the same time, I couldn’t deny my needs any longer.”

Edison: “Boy does she have needs. Let me tell you, this woman is a hell of a lover. The things she does to me— Ouch! Why do you keep pinching me?”

Ariel: “Because you keep saying stupid things.  I felt Shiela made me a little too slutty—and if you open your mouth to that demon I will strike you down.”


Missy: “I wonder what she has done with her other characters.”

Draco: “I heard she created a bunch of vampires who fight on the good and kill their own kind.”

Edison: “Get out! That is messed up. Tame vampires.” *Snorts*

Ariel: “I could search them out. It wouldn’t take much time for me to gather them.”

Missy: “That’s an interesting thought.”

Ariel: “Isn’t it though.”

Edison: “We could gather everyone together, get their take on her and then write a tell all book. Shit, if she can do it, we can do it.”

Missy: “But how could we do this without her knowledge?”

Draco: “Leave that to me, my love.”

Missy: “You have wanted to control her since the first edition she wrote of you.”

Draco: “Damn straight!”

Ariel: “We don’t want her harmed though.”

Draco: “I won’t harm her. But it might be fun toying with her a little.”

Missy: “Draco, behave.”

Edison: “Why do you think it is that she likes taking the bad and making it good?”

Draco: “Human nature. They always want things to have a happy ending.”

Ariel: “Well, she did give us all a happy ending didn’t she. I mean, sure, she changed us a little, altered some of the facts but in the end, she gave us what we most desired.”

Missy: “Love.”

Ariel: “Exactly.”

Draco: “Fine, she brought love into our lives but come on, she tamed us. She made demons and vampires friendly. That’s just not right”

Edison: “You got that right. I suppose these vampires don’t drink from humans do they?”

Draco: “Only from their mates.”

Edison: “That is sick.”

Draco: “So are we all in agreement that we should gather the others and write Shiela’s story?”

Missy: Ariel: Edison: “Let’s do it.”

Draco: “Then it’s set.”


Quite something isn’t it? Here I thought getting a few of my characters together, ones I thought might benefit from each other was a good idea. Little did I know they would plot against me.  Sigh…If anyone knows of some good protection spells, please give me a call. I’m going to need them.

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Good Luck!


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Sunday Sizzle 5-12-13


Finished HEAT WAVE, my WIP, yesterday.  It's the story of Zena Night and Bhyrne Raines and, hopefully, it'll be the next book in my Sleepy Hollow series of 1Night Stand stories for Decadent Publishing.

Here's a snip:

           “So what’s your name, enforcer?”
            Her question startled him out of his murky thought-maze. His gaze found hers. Amusement and­—was it fear?—mingled in eyes the color of dark, glowing amber, trapping him within like a prehistoric fly. Or maybe they were the color of single malt whiskey. Because they were every bit as intoxicating. And hell knew he needed a drink. Several. A barrelful of Scotch would not be out of the question. What had she asked him? Oh. His name.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 5-5-13

Happy Cinco de Mayo, campers!

Tequila shots all around.

Here's un poco de muy caliente (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's wrong) from my WIP, HEAT WAVE:

Bhyrne faced the wall and stared at the striking portrait of Dagney to distract himself from his mesmerized contemplation of Zena. The two succubi sisters looked nothing alike, but his examination of Max’s fine work did not help dispel his sudden obsession.
He blinked and sucked air back into his lungs, struggling to maintain control of the throbbing elevator below his belt before it left the lobby and zoomed straight up to the penthouse.
This. Was. So. Not. Good.
He made a show of inspecting the various decanters and bottles on the silver tray. Then selected the Lalique Macallan again and poured himself another. A stiff one.

           Bad choice of words there, Raines, all things considered.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kathleen Ann Gallagher!

Pleased to have fellow Decadent Publishing author, Kathleen Ann Gallagher, with me today! She's talking about her latest, A SUMMER'S JOURNEY, releasing May 3 from Rebel Ink Press.

 But first...let's put her on the hotseat!

Hi Taryn!

 Thanks for inviting me to spend the day with you. I’d be glad to answer a few fun questions. 

1.) If you could spend a day with one of your characters who would you choose? 

I’d love to spend a day with Dr. Rob Sinclair. He’s a hot, NY Times best-selling author. It would be great to pick his brain and get find out what his secret to success is.

2.) Is there a specific time of day you get some of your best ideas?

I get my best writing done in the morning. I’ll admit I do most of my editing when everyone else sleeps. Writer’s clocks are different from the rest of the worlds.

3.) What celebrity do you have a secret crush on?

(Blushing) Channing Tatum! I need a fan. I saw him in person when my friends and I took a tour of NBC Studios. He was in rehearsal for Saturday Night Live. Have you seen Magic Mike? 

4.) Coffee or tea? 

I’m fickle. I love both. I drink a huge cup of coffee in the morning. My new favorite afternoon treat is Green tea with lemon.

5.) Are you a reality show fan?

  I’m hooked on the singing competitions. You’d laugh if you saw us huddled in front of the television making believe we’re the judges. I have to admit my husband is good at it. 

6.) What is your latest project?

My contemporary romance A Summer’s Journey will be released by Rebel Ink Press May 3. 

Savannah Mason, the career minded journalist, spends long hours at work, hoping to take the spot as anchor.  She continues to fight for independence and refuses to allow her demanding father to take control of her life, despite his wish for her to take over his surgical practice.

 On her darkest day twelve years ago, she agreed to give her baby up for adoption.  Now, on her daughter’s birthday, a chance encounter gives Savannah an opportunity to explore a corner of her heart she thought was lost forever.  

Rob Sinclair a renowned surgeon and NY Times best-selling author has a new release and needs a promo spot on the television show, The News Stop.  When Savannah gets to conduct the interview over the senior reporter, a door opens to her future.  However, first she must face the unsettled issues in her life, before she is free to accept love.

The last thing she wants is a relationship, especially one with a divorced, doctor who happens to have two small children.
A man, who seems all wrong for her, slowly weaves himself into her heart.  Can he accept her when he learns about her past?

Rob’s commitment to climb the ladder of success and provide a good life for his family, keeps him on the road for days at a time.  When he meets the assertive newswoman, desire and passion awaken his broken spirit.  How will he ever be able to trust another woman? 

Savannah and Rob’s strong attraction is undeniable as they journey to a place where honesty and the power of forgiveness, can guide them both home. Will it be enough to heal the scars of the past and allow them another chance for love?

Rob slowly approached her. The look in his eyes told her he had more than the view on his mind. Savannah turned away, afraid of what might happen next. Before she could stop him, they were too close for comfort. An electric energy surged between them. With one swift movement, Rob reached for her and gently placed his lips on hers. He cradled her head in his hands as if she was a precious jewel. The warmth of his touch sent shivers down her spine and the world stood still. When Rob’s hands moved slowly across her back, her body went limp and it took her to a level of arousal she never expected. It all happened so quickly, she didn’t have time to react. She found herself spellbound by the feel of his rock hard body pressed up against her chest. All of the emotions she’d kept inside emerged when Rob held her tight. When they finally parted, Savannah stood frozen in shock with her heart pounding and her ears ringing.

Rob’s expression made him look as if he broke the law. He quickly took a step back. “I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry for my rude behavior.”

 “You weren’t rude. I didn’t stop you.”

 “I don’t know what got into me. You’re an amazing woman and I find you terribly attractive.” He stared deep into her eyes.  

“Thank you.” Savannah looked down, still shocked, but flattered.   


What’s your favorite season?  A random commenter will receive a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT.  


Here’s where you can find me. 

Although writing is my passion, nursing is my vocation.  I work in an emergency room, and it’s been challenging, and rewarding, to be such an integral part of so many other’s daily struggles.  I have a wonderful husband who always offers his support, and never complains about my crazy schedule. One of our favorite romantic getaways is Cape May, New Jersey, an old historic beach town where we take a step into the past, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Although my children are all grown with busy lives of their own, Chaz, our Shepherd mix, still dutifully stands guard at the house.  We are also blessed with three adorable grandsons.  

Other interests of mine include cooking, reading, and the theater.  However, spending time with my family is most important to me.  Even though my life is filled with work, family, etc., my mind continues to ponder the next story or concept for a new novel.