Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 8-26-2012

Another six from LIGHTNING, coming in late October (still tentatively) from Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand series.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sweetness,” a deep voice said behind her, as a  man’s large hand clamped down on her bare shoulder, interrupting her thoughts.
   The gruff sensuality of the voice, the maleness of the roughened hand against her flesh, sent a tiny lick of pleasure racing through her. The surprise of the masculine touch sparked immediate shimmers of electricity.  Ozone crackled, brief as a spent match, a mere flicker in the air before her eyes.
        The man seemed not to notice her charged reaction, as his fingers, strong and firm, meandered up the side of her neck, holding her in place. Small bursts of sizzling arousal popped across her nerve endings.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 8/19/12

Just found out THUNDER will  release (tentatively) from Decadent Publishing only two weeks after the release of  LIGHTNING.  Unexpected thrill!  So since I've had sixes from THUNDER the last couple of weeks, here are six from LIGHTNING, my first story for Decadent's 1Night Stand Series.

            Campbell didn’t need to be reminded of the blank six weeks that had been cut from his life when he was a high school senior. He picked at that still-raw scab every minute of every damn day, replaying the erotic scenes leading to his flame-out over and over at night.
           First he’d been groaning in utter bliss, finally thrusting inside Lily’s tight, wet sheath, as deep as he could drive himself, his hands kneading her soft breasts, his lips grinding against hers as he swallowed her ecstatic moans of pleasure. Pumping, pounding, screwing her in the back seat of his Camaro for all he was worth, lightning bolts arcing faster and fiercer across the night sky. Long past counting how many times they’d made each other come.
         Until his brain short-circuited.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 8-12-12

Awesome news! I've signed my second contract with Decadent Publishing, for another 1Night Stand story, THUNDER. (Some excerpts fromTHUNDER have been tossed out here for Six Sentence Sunday over the last couple of weeks, while I was biting my nails.)

The sexy, hunky hero, Sean Jones, is the younger brother of supernatural architect Campbell Jones, the hero of LIGHTNING, coming from Decadent in late fall. I love, love, LOVE writing these 1NS stories!

So here's another six from THUNDER, as Sean caves to his attraction for the witchy Veronica Hardwicke, whose Sleepy Hollow mansion he's renovating.

        He pulled himself back to the present with supreme effort and then realized she’d gone silent, except for the little hitch in her breathing, as if she’d stifled a gasp.

       Jesus... was she panting?   
      Were they having phone sex?   
      Holy crap, that thought made him hot.

      Crazy hot. Crazy hotter.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thrilled to announce I've signed another contract with Decadent Publishing, this time for THUNDER, my second 1Night Stand story.

(I've had a few sentences from the story up here on the blog, for Six Sentence Sunday! May have another few this coming Sunday!)

I totally love 1Night Stand. So much fun to write these.

THUNDER's hero, the sexy, hunky Sean Jones, is the younger brother of supernatural architect Campbell Jones, the hero of LIGHTNING, coming from Decadent in late fall.

Stay tuned for more info!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 8-5-12

Just realized how difficult it's going to be plucking G-rated "sixes" from THUNDER, currently out on submission! Aside from the hot scenes, the hero's tendency to sprinkle F-bombs like croutons may be a bit of a problem.

Language, Sean. Or mama may have to wash your mouth out with soap!
                Her breathy purr did bad, bad things to him.
            Hell. The entire Veronica package did bad, bad things to him. No denying the woman was one smokin’ hot babe. A loony babe. But a damn fine babe nonetheless.  

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