Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-30-13

From my WIP, an historical set in upstate New York:

Her gaze shifted back to him and she met his eyes squarely. Let him dare. Let him dare try to disturb what was theirs, the life she had scratched and clawed to build after his betrayal. No one had ever crushed her the way Joe had. She would do anything to spare her son such pain and grief, to keep this faithless man from hurting him anymore than he had already by his absence. Anything.

Joe caught her look and held it. She might have melted once, but now a sharp current of pure fury shot through her, vibrating into her stiffening muscles before ebbing away. A curtain of stark red descended over her eyes. She could not afford to let undiluted rage blind her. With a conscious effort, she banked the simmering fire, unclenched her fists and stared back at him with clear-eyed indifference. "Danny fishes here. It's his place."

"He was good enough to share."

"He's a good boy."

"No doubt."

Doubt. She shook her head. The word echoed within her, insidious, pervasive. The raw ache had faded with the years, leaving only the banked, sleeping embers of her anger. "What a word for you to use."

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Sexy Saturday 6-29-13

To celebrate the reveal of HEAT WAVE's gorgeous are a few sentences.  Coming this summer from Decadent Publishing.

Despite her certainty that his presence in the club corridor boded ill for her, the force of her sudden hunger shook her.

Like lightning.


A desperate bolt out of the blue.

Instant connection to him on the paranormal plane, as if he’d wrapped her aura in gold chains and tugged her to him. But did that fast lane to heaven run one way or two?

A grim expression straightened the lines of what otherwise might have been a generous, sensuous mouth His short, military-style buzz cut Weed Whacked hair the color of iron.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-23-13

 A tidbit from my unfinished, unnamed historical WIP:

"No one comes much now," the youngster told him. "But it's a good place for a boy. My dad used to like it, my mom says."

Something leaped within Joe, quick, doomed, the way the sunny had snapped at the hook. He was an idiot. Blind and an idiot. He studied the child's features. He looked like a hundred little boys. A thousand little boys. Maybe a little bit older than Joe had first thought. But…long lashes fringed his bright blue eyes. Licorice juice blackened his lip. Brown hair, lighter at his temples the way new grass is less green, curled over his ears. The sun seized red highlights that glinted like rust through fire.


Cassie's hair.

His eyes.

He sucked in a sharp breath, no longer able to deny the plain facts, even to himself. Pain, sudden, diffuse, confused, made it hard to take another. He wanted to run his thumb across the freckled nose, touch the golden skin of the child's bare arm, feel the silk of that russet hair with the smell of the sun still in it. And, most of all, the vigorous beat of the child's heart beneath his hand, beneath his cheek. A heavy weight crushed his chest. He wanted to snatch the little boy into his arms and envelop him. He didn’t have the right.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-16-13

Since HEAT WAVE is coming out in the next few months...I thought we'd go back to LIGHTNING, my first 1Night Stand, for today's Sunday Sizzle!

 Zena Night, the heroine of HEAT WAVE is the naughty succubus sister of Lily Night from LIGHTNING and Dagney Night from FROST! We've met her in LIGHTNING's opening pages. Soon she'll have a book of her own.

But this is about Lily and her hunky squeeze, Campbell.

     “This time’s for you. For both of us. I want you writhing. Crying out my name to the sky.”

     His breath against her ear ignited another shower of sparks that he immediately captured with a long, slow, mesmerizing kiss, as if taking her errant power into himself and feeding her back current, controlled and tantalizing bit by bit.

     “I think that gorgeous neck deserves a tattoo.” He brushed her hair off her shoulder. “So you never forget me again. So you remember you’re mine. Tonight. At least for a little while.”

     He swept his mouth across hers, searing her soul. Before she could recover, he ranged a string of possessive kisses across her jaw, over her throat, nipping at her with tiny, playful bites. He caressed her with his tongue, the gentle laps both soothing and lethal as he marked the spot, sucking at her fragile, vulnerable skin. She floated on a cloud of pleasure, all thoughts fleeing. Only gradually did the haze of delight part enough for her consciousness to absorb what he was doing.

     “You’re giving me a hickey?” Her laughter spilled into the night. “That is so high school.”
     “Might I remind you where we are, baby?”

     He released her hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck to draw him back to her. “Do your worst, football hero.”

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Are you ready for the trailer for the print copy of Joanne Kenrick's IRISH KISSES anthology of 1Night Stand stories for Decadent Publishing?  All the stories are set in or have something to do with Bell's Irish Pub, feature tasty drinks and sizzling Irish hunks!
View the video: 
Irish Kisses, the complete collection, is now available in PRINT.
More buylinks to follow - and you can order it direct from your book store
IBSN NUMBER: 1613335148
A collection of five romances set in Bell's Irish Pub, each with its own special tasty treat served by the staff of Bell's. The 1Night Stand dating service shakes and stirs things up for Bell's. When Madame Eve puts two people together for just one night, anything is possible.... Throw in sexy cocktails and to-die-for Irish hotties, and it's a recipe for sweet Irish kisses and perhaps even wedding Bell's.
Can he win her over with his secret weapon, a Sweet Irish Kiss, or is Rachel still too scared to love?~SHAMROCKED~Will his Irish charm and toys be enough to hold onto his leading lady, or will his heart be Shamrocked into next week?
Is a dash of Threesome Sweetness the remedy each is looking for, or will the date leave a bitter aftertaste each will regret for the rest of their lives?
Can she hack it in the real world of romance, or are life's complications and treacherous snowstorms best left to the pages of a book?
Does she love him enough to leave the comforts of England? And is there something behind his sudden proposal?
Or buy the ebooks separately

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-9-13

The weather being what it is in my neck of the woods, decided to go with THUNDER for today's Sunday Sizzle!

“Camp. Pick up, damn it.” Sean drummed his fingers on the leather-wrapped steering wheel of his Porsche 911 Carrera as he sped up the Henry Hudson Parkway. Moments earlier, he’d slipped past the southerly portion of the West Side Highway seconds before it was closed to accommodate the swelling Independence Day crowds gathering at river’s edge.

“Whoa, where’s the fire, bro?”

“Where are you, man?” He looked up at the fast- moving storm clouds massing in the star-filled sky and debated whether to flip up the top of the pricey convertible. But so far no raindrops spattered the windshield, and he loved the way the sports car sliced through the brutal night, tossing refreshing drafts of air back at him.

“Um, you called me, Sean, remember? I’m on my cell. Talking to you.”
“Yeah, but where? Sleepy Hollow?”

“Good guess.”

Sean snorted. Since Campbell’s 1Night Stand date with the great love of his life, a woman he hadn’t seen in ten years and thought he’d lost, he’d spent every spare moment with her at the place they’d recaptured their bliss: the expansive grounds of the old high school where they’d first met, and which By Jones was demolishing to make way for a new, exclusive waterfront community.

“Actually, we’re on the boat,” Campbell told him. “Taking a lazy cruise on the Hudson. We’ll watch the fireworks downriver then come back. Thinking of spending the night on the Lily Flower. It’s cooler on the water.”

“Keep the radio on,” Sean warned, “and don’t go too far from shore. I’m just at the New York City-Westchester line and there are clouds already. A thunderstorm’s supposed to be rolling in.”

“Will do. So what’s up?”

Sean hesitated. “I’m taking a run up to Sleepy Hollow. Veronica Hardwicke’s got some new bee in her bonnet.”

“Veronica Hardwicke? A bee, huh? In her bonnet? I’d have said ‘itch.’ Much lower. One I think you’re hot to scratch.”

“The woman is nutty as a bag of trail mix.” Sean glanced into his side view mirror and executed a quick lane change, zipping around the slow-moving minivan in front of him and pressing the pedal to the metal to return to the fast lane. “I’m steering the hell clear of her.”

“Right. That’s why you’ve dropped everything to race up to Sleepy Hollow on the Fourth of July like your ass is on fire and she’s got the only hydrant in fifty states. And Canada.” Campbell paused. “And Chile.”

“Chile?” Sean snapped.

“Thought I’d throw that one in to see if you were paying attention.”
"Fuck you and Argentina, too."   He waited for his brother to stop laughing.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jennifer Labelle! With a FREEBIE!

Turning the blog over to birthday girl Jennifer Labelle today, who's celebrating in a big way! Her  book MEANT TO BE is FREE, FREE, FREE on Amazon this weekend. Happy Birthday, Jennifer. Happy reading, campers! Take it away, Jennifer!

Who Wants a FREE Book?


Have I got your attention yet? J

It’s my birthday week, and I’ve decided to give you all a present to help celebrate my 33rd this past Tuesday June, 4th. What better way than to have my very first release up for FREE on Amazon for the entire weekend! (June 7th, 8th, and 9th)

I’d like to thank everyone for joining me here, and I hope you enjoy it! *coughs* Don’t forget, I’m always up for some new reviews too. If you have the time that is, in the meantime please check out the blurb and excerpt below and get your very own copy today before time runs out! J Spread the word…

 Book blurb:

Jenna Baker is shaken up after her recovery with a near death experience. As if, being haunted with visions and losing her husband in a car accident weren’t hard enough. Could she be losing her mind? She finally moves on, only to have the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappear.

 After the shocking task of convincing Jenna that she’s not seeing his ghost, Tyler becomes overwhelmed with guilt for saving himself and leaving her to almost die. Jenna’s recovery takes its toll while Tyler’s vulnerability gets the best of him. He’s harboring secrets that will devastate her and as Jenna unravels the truth her life takes an unexpected journey.



He smiled again, taking the last plate from her to dry and shook off the extra suds. Drips of water and soap suds flew through the air getting her wet in the process, and he laughed at her shocked expression.

    “Oh, really,” she said in the mood to play. Taking the sprayer hose from the faucet, she turned it on and gave him a squirt. She laughed, and it was his turn to pause in shock.

    She could tell by his expression that this meant war and made a run for it, laughing the whole way. She made it into the living room before he extended his arm to catch her, swooping her up as if she was feather light.

“Got ye.”

    They both laughed, but when she turned to face him, he became serious suddenly. She knew then that the games were over. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and pulled her towards him. Slowly moving his face closer, his eyes sparkled and completely absorbed hers.

    The kiss started out slow, and she wanted him to take his time with it. She held back a groan when his mouth pulled away and pulled him tighter against her. Her adrenaline pumped faster, and she could feel the warmth coursing throughout her body. There was no thinking twice about it; her desire consumed her.

     Pushing him against the wall, she kissed him hard, wanting him in that moment more than she’d ever wanted anything. She liked where this was going, liked being in control, needed it in that moment.

Placing her hands on his chest, she slowly moved them down his beautifully sculptured abs. “Stay,” she whispered, taking a step back so that he could watch as she unzipped her dress. It slowly slid to the floor exposing her bare breasts and the sexy black thong she wore. She kicked it out of the way, pulled his shirt off, and pressed herself against him again, flesh against flesh.


Author bio:

Jennifer Labelle resides in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with her husband and three beautiful children. After her third child she became a stay at home mom. In her busy household Jennifer likes to spend her down time engrossed in the stories that she creates. She is an active reader of romance (especially historical), mystery and anything paranormal. With an education in Addictions work she's decided to take a less stressful approach in life and hopes that you enjoy, as she shares some of her imagination with all of you.

Author contact links:

Best wishes,

Jennifer Labelle




Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-2-13

Something from the WIP:

             “Take off the bleeding coat,” he instructed. “Turn around and bend over. Let me see that ripe peach of an ass.”
            “Be quiet, you Cajun fool.” 
A darker ripple of crimson splashed her cheekbones, like a stain of cherry juice.  Brine wasn’t really a Cajun – as far as he or anyone else knew-- and Flip almost certainly was aware of that. But he affected the speech and mannerisms when it suited him to do so, and he often resided among the former French-Canadian  émigrés when not beneath the sea in his submersible, The Albatross, or holed up in his cove at Barataria. He slithered through the fecund, teeming swamps, maps of the moon-swallowing bayous etched into his brain like the intoxicating scent of Flip’s arousal. Which was the only thing that concerned him now.           
           Her high color and the crack in her voice betrayed her.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sexy Saturday 6/1/13

This week I'm participating for the first time in a new weekly linky blog hop called "My Sexy Saturday."

To kick things off, here are seven sexy sentences from BLIZZARD, my short erotic romance for Decadent Publishing's The Edge series, out now!

Beneath the table, he gripped her knee, sliding his hand upward beneath the skirt of her business suit. Her breath quickened, her pulse beating so fast the thumping of her heart seemed to pound in her ears. He splayed his fingers over her inner thigh, finally reaching the juncture between her legs and stroking her through the silky material until she teetered on the edge of an orgasm. Right there. Under the fluorescent lights of the food court. She nearly cried out in frustration when he withdrew his hand.

"Hate pantyhose," he grumbled.

Want more sexy times with Mandy and Jack?  Just click on the BLIZZARD page for the blurb, excerpt, reviews and buy links.

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