Healing Hearts


As a girl, Emma Whiteside asked Adam Caldwell, Viscount Riverton, to wait for her to be of marriageable age. Now, twelve years later, Emma hates Adam as much as she once loved him, holding the former army major responsible for the death of her brother on the battlefield.

Adam already blames himself for the loss of the men under his command. But the fiery young woman Emma's become sparks his arousal, as well as emotions Adam thought long dead. The passion between them makes him want to reclaim the man he was before the war.

Though she tries to hold on to her hatred, Emma's longing for Adam is undeniable, especially after the two share a smoldering kiss. Still, Adam is certain no woman would want a man so damaged. Can Emma prove him wrong?

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The wind blew off the sea, moaning and wild, buffeting the man pacing the cliffs.

Hidden by a wall of rock, Emma Whiteside shielded her eyes against the bite of salt spray and continued to watch him, as she did every dawn.

Today, she thought. Today she would approach him at last. Confront him. Give him the royal tongue-lashing he deserved. She had nothing left to lose, after all. And she might not have the opportunity tomorrow. Or ever again.

The things I will say to you, Riverton, will peel the skin from your bones and lay you lower than anything Napoleon's Grande Armée had to offer.

A small voice nagged Emma from within, the advice reasonable considering her current dire circumstances. Better to seek the man's aid than chide him. But she snapped her mind closed against the unwanted counsel. The viscount was the last man on earth she'd ever ask for help.

Grief chilled her, numbed her heart, deadened the tender feelings she'd once had for him. Only her need for vengeance broke through her frozen emotions now. She longed to set Riverton in his place, however little effect her words might have on a man so impervious to remorse.

But once again Emma could neither confront him nor beseech him. The evidence of his stiff-necked pride—and her own—continued to hold her back with as much force as if an unseen hand pressed down upon her shoulder. She glared in the man's direction, as if it were his hand oppressing her.

Fierce gusts punished him, impeding his tortured progress. Pain twisted his handsome features but he confronted the gale without flinching. A tiny chip splintered off from the ice sheath encasing Emma's heart.

Damn him.

How do you bear it, Riverton? Are you made of stone?

She knew he was not. She saw the agony against which he fought, the stalwart way he pushed himself onward, despite the uneven gait that hampered his progress.

A cold blast of wind whistled past, ripping the hood of Emma's cloak aside, whipping her hair against her neck. The frigid current stung her eyes, wringing reluctant tears. She blinked the moisture away and rubbed the damp trail from her cheeks.

No tears, she instructed herself. Not for him. Never for him.

Riverton wore no coat or cravat. His linen flapped about him, white shirttails torn from his trousers—an unlikely flag of surrender when he refused to give quarter.

Did you stand so against the French?

Emma could think of no oath dark enough to curse a man so remarkably stoic. She envisioned him in her mind's eye, saber raised, hastening up and down the lines, shouting at his men to hold: Major Adam Caldwell, Viscount Riverton, at his most courageous.

She shuddered, conjuring the brutal attack that haunted her grimmest moments, the scene clouded by smoke and thunder, blurred by the limits of her grief and imagination. The battle where her twin had fallen, belly pierced by an enemy bayonet.

Michael admired you so, Riverton. I will never stop blaming you. 'Tis time you knew it.

Anger burned within her breast, bright as her love for the viscount once had.

And yet...her gaze swept him again, lingering on the trousers that molded his muscular thighs, the loose shirt that emphasized the breadth of his shoulders. 'Twas but the vicious wind that stole her breath, she told herself.

"This is a Regency romance in its finest form... This book was solidly written and executed. You don't really need a reason, just go get the book. You won't be disappointed."  ~ Dodie

From the very beginning this story grips you and throws you into a whirlwind of furious passion. You become trapped in this novella that is charged with deep emotions and you can't help but feel them. . . . This is a powerful story and Taryn Kincaid is definitely a wonderful writer. Despite the fact that it is a short novella, we are able to see the perfect progression of their feelings, going from one extreme to the other. . . . What a beautiful and strong story. I am sure to watch out for her next book. ~ Purple Rose

HEALING HEARTS is a sweet historical romance story that any girl could love. This tale is the perfect combination of drama, angst and passion that will entertain you throughout. If you are looking for that stunning, but short read, HEALING HEARTS is the novel for you. . .I was amazed by how deeply I was sucked into this short story. . . Adam and Emma pulled me in with their desire for one another, hooked me with their inner torment and satisfied me with their happily ever after. . . Ms Kincaid is certainly an author to watch out for. HEALING HEARTS looks to be her second published works and with her talent she has nowhere to go but up. ~ LisaJo

"Healing Hearts by Taryn Kincaid is a very moving love story... It is a historical romance written in a very passionate way, and I love how the characters develop...There’s so much character in the heroine who is known as Emma... I wish that I am her. She showed so much strength and self-preservation, and I love how Adam wormed back into her heart unexpectedly."

4 stars out of 5 stars for this book. Highly recommend for those who love a good historical romance.

The Reviewing Vixens : "This is a book well worth having on your shelf for all time."

3.25 out of 4 stars from The Romanorum:

A satisfying read, with a few little twists, and a very good heat level to the love scenes. Ultimately, this is a story of love, long earned, lost, and returned. And the power of forgiveness when two hearts beat as one.
 ~ Karyn Gerrard

It is darn near impossible to write a complex, emotionally satisfying love story with a real conflict in a mere 74 pages, but somehow Kincaid pulls it off, and for that alone, I have to salute her...With vivid details of the sea swept landscape and impoverished manor house, I felt like I had slipped into a delicious Victorian tale.  ~ Bethany Cunningham Gabbert

From BookingIt :

I loved Healing Hearts! . . . This short historical romance is indeed very romantic, but also about finding that someone who heals old scars. The story is sweet, hot, and extremely loving. Simply wonderful! ~ Katie
BookingIt Grade: A

This was a really quick and easy read coming in at a whopping 74 pages! But the story is wonderful and if your in the mood for just a HEA that doesn't take ages to read, this is it. I fell in like with Adam from the start. And Emma. A woman who is smart, caring, funny. Who rocks Adam's world (and other things, heehee!).I look forward to reading more from this new to me author! ~ Susie

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Healing Hearts


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