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Seasons Greetings from Sleepy Hollow!

Seasons Greetings from Sleepy Hollow

(Reprinted from Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand Blog)

The heroes and heroines of Sleepy Hollow would like to wish you and yours a sparkly and glowing holiday season.  Here’s to you, readers, authors, editors, artists and creatures that go bump in the night. May the flower of love never be nipped by the frost of disappointment, and may peace, love and prosperity lift the latch on your door, guided by the star of Christmas and the candles of Hannukah.  Bottoms up!

Lily: Sex on the Beach. (The drink she sips at the Hudson Castillo Hotel bar in LIGHTNING, while waiting for her 1Night Stand date to arrive.)

1/2 oz. Vodka

1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps

1/2 oz. Raspberry Liqueur

1/2 oz. Melon Liqueur

Orange Juice (Optional)

Pineapple Juice

Cranberry Juice

Garnish: Pineapple Slice

Pour vodka, peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur, and melon liqueur into a glass with ice. Fill it with equal parts of pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

 Campbell: Johnny Walker Blue

 (The sexy architect’s liquid courage when he walks into the Hudson Castillo bar and realizes Madame Eve has fixed him up with his long lost love as his 1Night Stand date.)

Read their story in LIGHTNING.

Sean: Boilermaker (Campbell’s brother and partner in By Jones, a premier real estate development company is the contractor/construction half of the enterprise. When he’s not out with the model of the week, or leaping to do Victoria’s bidding, he hangs with his crews.  A shot of whisky chased by a mug of beer.)

Victoria: Witches’ Brew (The beautiful witch drives Sean completely batty. But she’ll save her  special recipe for Batty Jager Jello Shots for a more Halloweeny time. Or, you can find the recipe and pictures on my Pinterest page, “Drink Up, Me Hearties.”)

Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, Blue Curacao, Creme de banana, fresh-squeezed lime juice, served up in a martini glass rimmed with black sugar.

Read their story in THUNDER.

Dagney:  (Dag loves a really good ice wine, as Max finds out when he needs to cool things down between them or risk singeing his Valentine. But she thought you might get a kick out of her recipe for a Frost Martini.)

1 cup pineapple juice
½ cup (4 ounces) light rum or vodka, if desired
½ cup (4 ounces) blue curacao
½ cup (4 ounces) cream of coconut (not coconut milk)
10-12 ice cubes
Directions: Pre-chill a martini glass by placing in the freezer. Mix ingredients together and strain into glass. Rim glass with shredded coconut.
Max: (Max has learned to really, really enjoy ice wine. When it’s lickable. But for drinking, he’s got a bar completely stocked with everything from “heinous” peach schnappes to Lagavullin. As Bhyrne finds out when he and Zena pay Max and Dag a visit.  Primarily, Max is a single malt man, er, demon.)
Read their story in FROST.

Bhyrne: Macallan 25 single malt scotch (courtesy of cousin Max)
Zena: Dark and Stormy (Bhyrne  mixes her up one of these from Max’s well-stocked bar, when they pay a visit to Dagney and Max on their way to Demon Central.)
2 ounces black or dark rum
6 ounces ginger beer
1 lime wedge
Read their story in HEAT WAVE.

The HEAT WAVE Cocktail:
1 oz. coconut rum or dark rum
1 oz. peach schnapps
Pineapple juice
Splash of Grenadine.
Pour rum and schnapps into glass with ice. Fill with pineapple juice and grenadine. Garnish with pineapple slice and cherries. 

Spook: Black Devil Martini, shaken not stirred
Chill martini glass, run with black sugar. In cocktail shaker with crushed ice, mix 2 oz. dark rum, ½ oz. dry vermouth. Strain into glass and garnish with black olive
Genny: Santa’s Little Helper
Soak two cinnamon sticks, some whole cloves, and a handful of whole cranberries in bourbon overnight. Mix 3 parts infused bourbon and 1 part triple sec and pour into cocktail glass with ice. Fill the glass with Sprite (you can  use 7-Up or any lemon-lime soda). Garnish with drunk cranberries.
Read their story in IN FROM THE COLD.

Madame Eve:  French Champagne Martini
1 shot chambord
1 shot pineapple juice
1 shot vodka
Combine in champagne glass
French Kiss
And for the Morning After after those Sizzling Steamy 1Night Stands: 
Sparkling Holiday Mimosa:
¼ cup orange juice
1 oz amaretto
1 ½ oz. vanilla-flavored vodka
Cranberry Simple Syrup (1 12 oz. bag frozen cranberries, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water. Combine in medium sauce pan until mixture boils. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Strain and discard solids.)
Ice cubes
¼ cup frozen cranberries
¼ champagne or sparkling wine
Orange zest twist
Combine orange juice, amaretto and vodka in cocktail shaker. Stir. Pour 1 ½ Cranberry Simple Syrup into a chilled glass filled with ice and add orange juice mixture. Add frozen cranberries. Add sparkling wine. Garnish with twist. 


(Don't Drink and Drive) 

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The Love Commission
Vicki Ballante
An Escape to Africa fantasy romance from Decadent Publishing's Ubuntu line 
Gelsey is a savannah sprite—a fairy in Africa who works to preserve the earth. She’s a pro at eco-balance, but when the fairy queen gives her a commission to become a human to learn the meaning of love, she’s miserable. She has to give it her best as it’s the only way to get her dream job—to save the African Wild Cat.
After a short time in her new life, Gelsey is swept into the world of Evan’s love. Now, she must make an impossible choice—give up her life with the man who owns her heart or lose her fairyhood forever.

The queen must have chosen the noisiest moment to give her the commission.
“You are to enter the human world…as a human.”
Gelsey blinked, her wings trembling against her back. Four fairies had entered the human world and only one had come back safe, having succeeded in her commission. Two others had remained human, and the last one had been killed.
“I don’t understand….”
“You are a young fairy who has an amazing ability to calm down the most frightened bird or insect. I believe you will be as suitable for this commission as you are beautiful and humble. You know you aren’t perfect. Someone humble enough to admit her weaknesses would be just right for the human world. You won’t lose your personality at all when you take your new form. You won’t even lose your wings. They will merely remain dormant. You will be divested of some of your powers, though. But your power to calm down the distressed will remain. That power will enable you to succeed in your commission.”
“What am I to do?”
“You are to marry a man for a year. You will find out why the humans want love and sex but not children. As you may have learned in your studies at nature school, Homo sapiens reproduce differently to fairies. They reproduce by sex between a male and female. But the species have devised several means to prevent babies from being formed in the female body even though they continue to have sex. This has lowered the reproduction rate of the creatures who are important for the balance of the earth, specifically in South Africa. For this purpose, I want you to enter into their world and feel what they feel. You are to know what it is to love a male human with their type of love. You will go at the first break of spring and will be able to return home at the start of the following spring. We will give you your own vial of fairy dust. The gold dust should be used only twice. The first time is when you find a suitable man to marry. When you find someone who is single and who cares about the balance of nature, you must sprinkle the fairy dust on his head. The magic will make him want to marry you. Once the magic has worked, you cannot find another man. He is the one for you. If you mistakenly choose a married man, you will get one more chance.”
Gelsey’s wings beat against her back until they ached. Become a human and marry one? How would she know what to do? And a whole year? She would miss out on spring. It had been a long, cold winter, and she wouldn’t get to see or hear all the new baby birds or play with the flying ants when the rains came.
“The second time you should use the fairy dust is to come home. You are to sprinkle the dust on the man you have chosen to make him turn away from you. He will forget every instant shared with you. He will forget his marriage, and so will everyone he knows. Then you can come home without arousing any suspicion. Ziana will explain where you are to go and what job you will take on in the human world to make you fit in there. You have a month to find this man you are to wed. While you are married to him, you need to find out from him or anyone else you meet, like other females, the reason for the humans not wanting as many children. You are to research your own emotions and those of the male’s, and work out what is happening to humans to change their future.”
“What if I don’t find anything of importance?”
“By becoming one of them, you will automatically understand how they think and what is happening in their hearts. Although you may not comprehend in the beginning, marrying a male human will help you to understand. Well, that’s what we believe.”
Gelsey wasn’t so sure. The queen had much more wisdom than the general fairy, but what if she didn’t know everything? Fairies knew little of the human world. They had never understood humans and their strange behaviors.
“If you succeed at your commission, you will be promoted to Head Endangered Animal earth fairy for South Africa.”
Gelsey gasped. To be able to save an animal from extinction had been her dream for years. But could she fulfill this commission?

Author Bio:

Vicki writes erotic and fantasy romance. She loves taking her characters into an alternate world where strange and sexy things happen. She lives with her patient husband and three noisy kids in South Africa. In between being a busy stay-at-home Mom who hates housework and spends half her life cooking everything from scratch, she runs several blogs, writes under another name, and buries herself in the delightful world of her characters.

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Introducing The Black Hills Wolves

The Black Hills Pack makes its debut in January from  Decadent Publishing.   The first four books in the new shifter romance line are available for pre-order now, on Amazon, Kobo and iBooks.

WOLF'S RETURN by Rebecca Royce
Coming 1/9/15
 A hidden wolf pack. Lies. Intrigue. And reluctant heroes. Get to know the Black Hills…
Drew Tao left the Black Hills in disgrace, banished by his father. He has spent the last ten years a lone wolf, living on his own. Called back home, he finally gets the chance to set things right. If such a thing is possible….
Betty Holden has hated her mate every day for the last ten years for abandoning her and their pack. She’s been running things in Los Lobos, and she has no intention of letting Drew Tao slip back into her life like nothing has changed—even if she has never been able to resist him . 
Can there be forgiveness? And can he protect her when another enemy arrives?
‪#‎Kindle‬ - http://amzn.to/1At84K1
‪#‎iBooks‬ - http://bit.ly/16gEYod
‪#‎Kobo‬ - http://bit.ly/1yHZIvN

WHAT A WOLF WANTS by Heather Long
Coming 1/16/15

He runs alone...

Ryker Grey is used to being on the outside looking in. For more than fifty years, he has worked as Pack Enforcer for the Black Hills Wolves, rising to his rank swiftly. Compelled by duty and devotion to his people, he fought to keep them protected from within and without—earning a few enemies and fewer friends. Drew’s return has sparked healing in the fraying pack, but Ryker remains vigilant.

She needs a place to call her own...

Saja Lyons has spent her life studying cultures, but never really being a part of them. Completing a double specialty in psychology and sociology, she decides to take the three months after her graduation to find herself on a cross-country drive. She embraces the nomadic road trip until her car breaks down on a deserted stretch of road in the middle of nowhere South Dakota.

Two lonely lives collide in the cold...

Ryker catches Saja’s scent from a mile away, loneliness edged in fear, frustration, and utter femininity. He approaches her in order to lend her a hand and get her out of the pack’s way...the sooner she’s gone from Los Lobos, the safer the pack will be. When their gazes meet, her playful hostility arouses the hunter in him, and for the first time in fifty years, the enforcer tastes what it’s like to not be alone...

But what if the best thing that ever happened to him is a danger to the Black Hills Wolves?

‪#‎Kindle‬ - http://amzn.to/1GvS0Ju
‪#‎Kobo‬ - http://bit.ly/1zKcMoo
‪#‎iBooks‬ - http://bit.ly/1soXaQZ

Coming 1/23/15

She’s a bad girlfriend.
Nothing Xio Davis does is right. When she abandons her pack, riding out of town on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle, she finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew. First, it’s small-time crimes, then bank robbery. As Xio sinks into the criminal underworld, the FBI catches up with her. Now, she’s got one way out: snitch.

When Xio turns state's evidence against a Mexican drug lord, Agent Marcus Cazador steps up to take her home, giving up his career, his place in the El Paso pack, and all he knows to protect her.

Xio claims she’s not the same wolf who left ten years before, but can she convince Marcus she’s changed her wicked ways? Or will the Black Hills be the end of the road on her long journey to redemption?

WOLF'S SONG by Taryn Kincaid
Coming 1/30/15

Ten years ago, visions of death and the babble of lupine voices in his head, drove lone wolf Brick Northridge to challenge his cruel and greedy pack alpha. Beaten by the alpha’s thugs and banished from the pack, Brick lives a life of seclusion in a mountain cabin in the Black Hills.
Born into a rival clan of feline shifters, skinwalker Summer McCoy, in her guise as a raven, watches Brick from afar, giving him back a reason to live through her sweet songs and special gifts.
But when her clan attempts to tear them apart and threatens the pack that banished Brick so many years before, will their love be strong enough to withstand the forces bent on their destruction?

‪#‎Kindle‬ - http://amzn.to/12Y0pYX
‪#‎iBooks‬ - http://bit.ly/1yI20eD
‪#‎Kobo‬ - http://bit.ly/1qGfgm1

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New Year’s Eve is a night filled with bright colorful lights, rambunctious outings, and a good amount of mischief. It also marks the passage of time, bringing to mind our hopes for the future, the exhilaration that comes with change, and fond memories of days past. Part of Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand line, my paranormal romantic comedy Fireworks at Midnight features a struggling college graduate who is just coming to terms with the thrills and perils of newfound independence. When her best friend’s older brother rolls back into town, this intrepid young witch is faced with help she doesn’t want, protection she doesn’t need, and the reality that this warlock cop no longer thinks of her as a “troublesome little sister.”
Add a pinch of magic, supernatural mayhem, and Madame Eve’s renowned matchmaking service, and we’ve got the beginnings of a stormy love story. Those who’ve read my Christmas release Frosty Relations will already know Dulcina “Sweets” Gato, this tale’s smartass heroine. In keeping with the holiday spirit I’m giving away a $15 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post. [or at my website: TaraQuan.com/FireworksAtMidnight]
Fireworks at Midnight (A Witch’s Night Out, 3)
Recent college graduate and part-time cat familiar Dulcina “Sweets” Gato is having the worst New Year’s Eve in living memory. End of year expenses trigger serious cash flow problems, and her microwave just went up in smoke. To make matters worse, her best friend’s overprotective big brother is back in town, and his return threatens to put a huge crimper on her nocturnal activities. The only thing she can look forward to is Madame Eve’s 1-Night Stand service. After all, she’s sick and tired of being a 21-year-old virgin.
Enforcement Agent Mikal Knight is a warlock on a mission. Having finally scored a transfer to Washington, D.C., he’s now at liberty to pursue the object of his desires—his baby sister’s best friend. But first, he has a vigilante to track down and a mysterious matchmaking service to investigate. Sent on an undercover operation, he resigns himself to a pointless 1-Night Stand on New Year’s Eve. As luck would have it, his mystery date’s identity might let him kill several birds with one stone.  
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | ARe | B&N | Decadent | Kobo | GoodReads

Rafflecopter Embed Code:

About Tara Quan
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Her characters, armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at www.taraquan.com

“Need a boost, Dulcina?”
His continued use of that god-awful name baffled her. Even her parents and sister had switched to calling her Sweets, but this guy couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around the preference. Of course, the three syllables somehow gained a hint of sexiness when he said it in that Southern drawl. The word rolled off his tongue with a lilting musicality that appealed to some traitorous part of her psyche, the unwelcome effect getting on her nerves in a big way.
On top of that, the weird physical reaction she had to his mere presence irritated her. Ever since she’d hit puberty, being within five feet of the boy she’d known all her life—one who’d since grown into a gorgeous twenty-five-year-old man—did weird shit to random body parts. Her cheeks burned, her breath quickened, her palms got sweaty, and her heart rate turned erratic. The smug grin he wore, along with the patronizing tone he’d used, earned her best friend’s half sibling a temporary place on Sweets’ list of least-favorite uninvited guests. “You’re blocking my view.”
He offered his hand. “Of what?”
“Water damage.” Before she could accept his assistance, the empty space between them distorted. Transparent, flickering waves created a blur, as if two realities had shifted out of sync. Frozen in place by the premonition’s onslaught, she watched a version of herself meet his palm with her own. Their fingers twined, and he hoisted her up too fast. When she crashed into his chest, his arms lowered to circle her waist.
He drew her closer. She tilted her head back and parted her lips. A storm brewed in the depths of his almost-black eyes, coloring them with swirls of white and gray. A light furrow formed between his brows, certainty and possession lending his face a dangerous edge.
Alarm bells ringing in her ears, she blinked away the vision and clenched her hands into fists. Keeping them at her sides, she did a full sit-up. Talk about a close call. “Thanks for taking care of the smoke. It even smells nice in here now.”
Lines bracketed the sides of his mouth. He scrutinized her through narrowed eyes, as if he somehow suspected she’d altered their course. “No problem.”


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Tara Andrews is my guest again! Take it away, Tara!

Traditional Madness

If there were ever a season of tradition, I believe it is this time of year.  No matter the holiday you celebrate, there are those things you grew to count on each year and some that just kind of… happened.  We celebrate Christmas and I thought I’d share some of my family’s newer traditions.

·         Our Elf on the Shelf has made an appearance—perhaps a tradition best not begun if you don’t enjoy jumping out of bed in a panic to move it just as the kids are coming down the stairs.  Oh, and probably a helpful idea to remember where you packed it the year before so you’re not running around frantic, because the kids remembered he shows up on December 1st… and it’s December 1st!
·         Playing the Whose House Will We Have Dinner game.  My husband’s parents or my mom’s—who live too far apart to do double duty.  Fun game.
·         The annual Coordinating Days Off From Work to cover the school holiday break – because, after spending a ton of money on gifts, paying a babysitter per day, per kid is just not an option.
·         The yearly visit to Santa. This usually means last minute purchases because they now want something different from what they asked for the week before.  This year, my daughter asked Santa for a bunny that poops chocolate.  The credit for this request goes to Disney Channel’s Jessie—Gee, thanks, Disney.
·         Holiday shopping… ‘nuf said.
·         Tree decorating.  And redecorating.  I think this is my kids’ favorite part of getting ready for the holidays, cleaning up their rooms, the least.  But, we can’t leave 75% of off the ornaments on the bottom three feet of the tree.  Come on, we all do it. ;)

Despite my poking fun at some of these traditions, the flip side is…

·         Seeing my kids happy when they find our Elf taking a bath in the left over Halloween candy.
·         Spending time with family—before, during, and after Christmas.  Because guess what?  There is always Christmas Eve, New Years’ Eve and Day, and the weekend in between to spend it with family.
·         Using those days off, especially the ones after the December 25th, relaxing and watching all the hard work pay off as the kids play with their new toys.
·         Sending off the Santa picture to the in-laws and framing ours.  It is one of my favorite pictures to display for the following year.
·         Tree decorating?  It all leads up to the grand reveal on Christmas morning when my kids’ joy and excitement become mine, too.

Shopping… thankfully that craziness is only once a year! LOL.

So, with all the stress of the holiday season, if you’re planning to use a day off or two reading, please consider Her Everything.  It’s my latest release in Decadent Publishing’s popular 1Night Stand series.


Rachel Turner made a mistake—a couple, in fact.  Ruining a surprise meeting with the front man to her favorite band is just the beginning.  But agreeing to switch places with her famous sister may spell the end of both of their careers. With rumors flying and an unexpected invitation from Madame Eve, Rachel hopes she can put the mistakes behind her.

Attending an event to support a charity close to his heart, Mark Travis wasn’t looking for love, or even company—and definitely not with a fan.  But when he puts in a hasty bid at a silent auction and wins the services of 1Night Stand, Madame Eve has something different in mind.  A single evening with a woman she claims can fulfill his needs.  But one night might not be enough.

Come morning, will Mark and Rachel’s unexpected one-night stand give them more than they bargained for?

Book Links: 

Author Bio:

Tara Andrews divides her time between a full-time job as an office manager, an even more full-time job as a wife and mother, and her dream job as a romance author.  An avid reader and writer, Tara continuously seeks to hone her craft in order to provide readers with stories that are provocative yet romantic.

Tara lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband and two fabulous children.

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When All Else Fails (Sappho’s Kiss 1)
Out and proud Andrea Slade carries around doubts soul deep, her family and job have taught her hard lessons about love. When she meets Eva Lange and starts working with the beautiful, curvy woman, she wants things to be different. Although, she settles for being her friend and boss.

As time passes, Andrea finds it’s not an ideal situation, but she tricks herself into thinking that it’s for the best. That is until the sexy, femme fatale shows up in her office one day in a figure-hugging outfit with plans for seduction.

Full-figured Eva is in touch with her body, embraces the curves, but part of her looks at successful and gorgeous Andrea and decides friends is better than a failed love affair with the somewhat jaded and commitment-phobic divorce attorney. That is, until she decides to take what she wants.

Despite scars and insecurities, when all else fails, there’s love.

Genre: LGBT, Lesbian, Contemporary Romance, Rubenesque, Erotic

Buy Links: Decadent | Amazon | Amazon UK | ARe | Smashwords

“Quit worrying about what the rest of them say. You hop back on the horse when you’re ready. I, for one, know there are quite a few ladies out there seeing you as quite a catch.” The thought of someone else touching her woman’s curves, taking her home, and loving her into breathlessness made a fist clamp around her heart. It was impossible. She had nothing to offer the sweet, loving woman who had forever shining in her green gaze.

All of a sudden, Eva wrapped her arms around her and squeezed tight. “You are here to protect me. My virtue is in great peril.”

Andrea laughed. “Dramatic much, Ms. Lange?”

“It’s true. Look at them out there, their gazes moving over me, God, I feel dirty at the lust shining on their hungry faces. What am I to do? How will I protect myself?” She peered into deep-emerald eyes and long, darkened lashes batted. “You must save me from their rapaciousness. I must not succumb to the debauchery they would force upon me.”

Andrea snorted. “Are you secretly writing cheesy Victorian romance novels in your spare time?”

Eva gave an offended gasp, which made Andrea almost spew beer from her nose. “They aren’t cheesy, they’re romantic.” The too-serious expression on her face and the tone of her voice caused Andrea’s jaw to drop. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before erupting into laughter.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Andrea asked.

“What about Artie?”

Arching a brow, she reached over to pinch the woman’s cute, rounded chin, angling the other woman’s gaze to the spectacle on the other side of the crowded room. “I think she’s covered.”

She shot Eva a smirk when the woman shook her head on seeing Smarties standing between two studs.

“She’s incredible.” Eva nodded at the statement. Artie was one of the least discriminating women she’d ever met. She recognized a lot of herself in the younger woman.

“Yes, she is. How about some dinner?” Andrea asked. Changing the subject seemed the best course of action. She guessed with age came wisdom, but it might be a lesson learned too late.

“Dinner sounds great. The idea of going out seems more appealing than reality. Besides, I’ll give my love-deprived sister my share of the lovely ladies.”

“That’s incredibly generous of you.” Sliding from the semicircle bench seat, she straightened and held her hand out. Once again, the soft look from under the thick fringe of lashes and her smile caused a tug in the pit of her stomach She laced their fingers together and led Eva toward the front exit.
Author Bio:

By evening, J.M. Dabney can be found in a hot kitchen in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio, by night and any free time she may have, she is a writer of mainly LGBTQ Fiction and Erotica. Although. she's equal opportunity when it comes to telling a story, she'll even write a bit of straight erotic romance when the mood strikes.

She has been writing for years in old notebooks. At the age of eight, she wrote the worst poem in the history of poetry, but it sparked her love for writing. She reads too much and loves to get lost in other worlds and her favorite stories have to include laughter and having the reader doing at least one double take. Thirty-something, forever restless she uses her stories to ground herself, and find her place of peace.

Social Media Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter