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Happy Halloween

It's that time of year. The last day of October...HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!

And where better to spend it than in SLEEPY HOLLOW

Check out my PINTEREST "Hey Punkin'" page for some great pumpkin recipes like the Pumpkin Caramel Torte below.

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Sweetest Splendor

Book 2: Club Splendor (sequel to Sweetest Salvation)
A Romance on the Go Short Story (30 pgs)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN# 9781771306119 

Bridget Guthrie and Zander Hudson have worked at Club Splendor together for years, sharing smoldering glances, flirting, and building a friendship. Thanks to the club’s strict policy of no staff fraternization, they’ve resisted how much they truly want each another.  

With Bridget leaving to explore her dreams, they no longer have to hide their passions. After hours, in one of the pleasure rooms at Club Splendor, they finally give in to the burning desire they’ve held at bay for too long.  She’s taken care of other people’s love lives for so long while at the club, can she find the courage to take care of her own needs and fantasies?  


© Kacey Hammell, 2013

“I know following your dreams is important to you, Bridget. I’m happy for you.” Zander sidled closer, and massaged her stiff shoulders.

“Thank you. I know you are. It’s just—” she swallowed past the lump in her throat. “It is hard to think of leaving. I love this job. I’ll miss it.”

“You’ll miss me more though, right?” His light tone lifted her mood.

She laughed. “Of course. Who else will I get to boss around?”

He chuckled and pulled her in to his chest, aligning her against his stomach. Her breath hitched as his arms wrapped around her waist and squeezed her tight. Her nipples tingled and her heart rate accelerated.

Being this close to him, his long body behind her, the dreams she had about a moment like this…. She wished she could turn in his arms, press her lips to his and see where it led. But their friendship meant a lot to her. The fun flirting and teasing had never gone to the next level, but no other man in her life affected her more.

And now they would no longer be working together…but she wasn’t sure how deep his feelings for her ran.

“Damn, you smell good. What is that you’re wearing?” Zander asked, his face buried in her neck.

“Umm, something berry I guess.” Her words sounded breathless even to her own ears. He never held her like this before. She shivered.

“You cold?” He ran his palms over her stomach, then his arms tightened around her.

She shook her head, speechless, about to melt into a puddle at his feet. Relaxing into his embrace, she aligned with his front. “Zander--”

“You know I’ve always wondered something about you,” he murmured.

“What’s that?” she questioned, mouth dry.

“If any of what happens around this place excites you,” he whispered against her neck.

She reclined her head on his shoulder, sighing. Could she confess her innermost thoughts to him?

The air in the room heightened at least twenty degrees. The fire in her belly spread along her limbs to her fingertips. “Why is that important to you?”

Clasping her hands in his, he rasped, “I’ve always had the desire to know what makes you tick. I’ve watched you a long time, secretly wanting to know more about you. Finding reasons to be close to you.”

Excitement slithered along her body, her heart nearly leaping from her chest.

“We’ve been friends a long time, Bridget, but you know what? I want more.” He ran his lips along her neck, warming her skin until they reached her ear. “Tell me what turns you on,” he whispered, then captured her earlobe in his teeth.

Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…
Canadian-born author, Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic, who began reading romances at a young age and became easily addicted.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass and emotion to the Contemporary Romances she writes.

A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.
Connect with Kacey…


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THUNDER's Book Birthday

THUNDER, the second book in my Sleepy Hollow series of erotic paranormal 1Night Stand stories for Decadent Publishing, was released last year this week!

Have you read it yet? The heroine, Veronica Hardwicke, is a witch. (Although, she's not very good at being a witch.) Fun reading for Halloween.

Here's the blurb and a couple of excerpts.  (The "official" excerpt and a sexy excerpt.)

Lonely young witch, Veronica Hardwicke, has struggled to get on with her life after the death of the elderly husband who’d left her a fortune and a sprawling estate in mystical Sleepy Hollow. When frightening things go bump in the night on a stormy Fourth of July, who better to call than the sexy developer and contractor, Sean Jones, who's been renovating her mansion for months? 
Sean may grace the tabloid pages with a different supermodel on his arm every night, but it's Veronica who drives him nuts. Ignoring his instinct to stay away, he answers her summons.  
Will the thundering passion of their 1Night Stand tear down the barriers between them? 
Official Excerpt:
Veronica paced back and forth in the grand entry foyer of the Belmont mansion, the kitten heels of her Prada mules clacking on the marble floors.
The rest of the place might not be finished, but she’d insisted on having a few rooms completed, so at least she felt like she was living in a home, rather than a massive, never-ending construction project. Well, her contractor had insisted, even though working around the main entrance and central hallway created more work for him and his crew. But she was forced to admit he was right.
Her cell phone chimed on top of the antique credenza shoved flush against one wall. She leaped for it. Probably Genevi√®ve, to regale her with all the fun she was having in Paris. Or Sean, to advise her he couldn’t make it after all. She sighed and read the text message on the small screen.
Congratulations, Veronica. 1Night Stand has found your date. Have a good time.
With both anxiety and mounting excitement, she stared at the screen and waited. No other info. Outside in the night, thunder boomed. She jumped then laughed at herself.
Ghosts are one thing, but freaking out at the weather now? Cripes, you really do need this date!
She let her imagination run wild, then texted back for more details:
When? Where? Who?
An insistent pounding at the front door jarred her out of her fantasy. She swung the door open on another explosive crack of thunder.
Sean stood on her doorstep, his soaked T-shirt molding sculpted pecs and abs, his drenched hair flattened over his brow. Rain poured down as he fiddled with his iPhone, a bemused expression on his face. Behind him, jagged arrows of lightning tore the dark sky. He glared at the screen, glanced at her in confusion, then back at the screen.
Veronica’s own phone pinged again. Thunder roared. She read the message in disbelief.
You’re looking at him.
Hot Excerpt:
     He was so doomed.
     His dick wouldn’t survive the night.
His head wouldn’t. His heart wouldn’t.
He was fucking starved for her.
Veronica’s soft, smooth lips parted beneath his, and he deepened the kiss like a man crazed and possessed. He’d imagined being with this woman, a distant dream secretly nurtured in the most hidden part of him. The fantasy paled beside the reality of having her in his arms, lodged against his body like seams on a baseball. He dipped his tongue into the velvet recesses of her mouth, withdrew, delved inside again to play with hers.
She clutched him to her, and they both gasped with the stunning impact of the kiss. And the next. And the next. Their breath mingled, and her subtle jasmine scent swirled around his brain, creating a hazy chaos that forced out all other conscious thought. Except that he had to have her.
“You’re fucking me with kisses.”
Her green eyes were dark with desire. The F-word falling from the sweet, kiss-swollen lips of the cool, serene Veronica Hardwicke was more than he could handle. His fantasy image of her shattered. The real woman in his arms—she was everything. He rested his hands on her shoulders, bending to graze his forehead against hers. He left light, soothing kisses on her eyelids, on her cheeks, gentle after the raw, carnal plunder of her mouth.
“Yes.” He wouldn’t apologize. “Fucking you.” The image of their bodies twined together and writhing on a bed brought him too close to orgasm. Christ. He was on the verge of coming like a kid jerking off in his fist. He screwed his eyes shut, putting the powerful picture show playing in his head on pause, and then dragged in a deep breath, struggling to regain his control. It took him another moment to manage words. “Do you mind?”
“No.” She tilted her chin up. “Do it again.”
Tell me why you'd want to read it and I'll send a random commenter a copy!

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Cate Masters' CLAIMED

I hate to say goodbye. 

Thanks so much for having me today, Taryn! I wanted to talk about an addiction I’m struggling with. Character love.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave characters behind. After journeying along with them, they come to be like friends. Especially after three stories. 
I loved creating the magical underworld of Venice! Reimagining Leonardo da Vinci as a dark sorcerer made for some fun takes on his genius as well as his classic icons. The Vitruvian Man sketch, even the Mona Lisa, have new backstories. With the third book, Claimed, the island of Murano is home to more than glass artisans. The glass pieces themselves are not only gorgeous but enchanted. 

Mixing up the magic folk was fun too. Cursed introduced the witches and sorcerers of Venice. In Charmed and Claimed, an Irish shifter, a banshee, Roma gypsies and water elementals. Their world is one of danger, but they’re peaceful beings at heart. 

Melina and Bruno are very dear to me. Both changed so much over these three stories. Best of all, together they found the greatest magic of all – love. I hope you’ll visit their world in Cursed, Charmed and Claimed, the three novellas of The Vitruvian Man series. 

Do you become attached to characters? Do you fall in love with the heroes? 


She's given up everything for him...

Melina Weaver has no money, no job, nowhere to go--and she doesn't want to. Bruno is her life now, but his world threatens to destroy them.  

He's lost everything... except her...

Fire destroyed Bruno diCesare's quarters, and everything he loved. But his love for Melina is stronger. So strong, it threatens to blind him to danger. Their only hope is to join with the rogue magicks to overthrow the Council's dictatorship. 

Can they survive the battle and create a new world for themselves? 

Watch the CLAIMED Video


“I love you,” I breathed. “I love you.”

“Forever.” Melina’s lips pressed to my skin like raindrops on a thirsty man. I drank them up, but still wanted more. Her limbs quaked.

I gently set her on the ground. “We should get back. You need to rest.”

“So do you.” She nestled into my side as we strolled and sent me a lopsided smile. “But I’m glad you’re getting your strength back.”

“More importantly, my head has cleared. Elda must have tainted the treatments.” It would explain the strange dreams; Elda’s way of muddling my mind so I wouldn’t know what was real and what was imagined. So far, it hadn’t weakened the shield I’d put up to hide my thoughts and power from the Council, but I couldn’t afford even one slip. It would send an undeniable signal that I still lived. Still presented a threat.

Melina splayed her hand across my ribs. “I suspected she tried to keep us apart that way.”

“You spent a lot of time alone.” No need to phrase it as a question. Much as I’d struggled to stay conscious, I’d managed to remain awake a fraction of our time together. A great unfairness to her.

“I did a lot of reading, as you know.” Her casual tone belied her worry.

I couldn’t help my past disapproval, but I could offer reassurance. “Yes. Of course. Your studies serve you well.”

We reached the cottage, and she faced me. “It’s the only way I know how to protect you. They’ll find you here, won’t they?”

“For now, I’ve shielded my thoughts from them. They’ll sense magic in use, however. Most who practice tap into a main source. Those with the greatest power learn to wield it with little effort, and create our own. It’s one way you’ve proven yourself to be a great talent already.”

“But I know so little.”

“You learn fast. And you command your magic well.”

“Teach me to use it better.” Urgency edged her tone. And excitement.

I dreaded the responsibility of the task. “I’m not the most patient teacher.”

“And I tend to be a hardheaded student.” She linked her arms around my neck. “But we’ll make it work.”

She made everything so effortless. Even when I imagined problems between us, she made them disappear. But how long would she grant me such grace?

About Cate 

Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.

Cate loves to hear from readers! Email her at:

 Catch up to Cate

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JoAnne Kenrick's SEAL THE DEAL

SEAL THE DEAL by JoAnne Kenrick


After being ditched at the altar, Finn Kneale isolates himself at Port St. Mary’s magnificent lighthouse. A violent storm ravishes the coastline, pitching the maritime tower into the Irish sea and transforming Finn into a seal. Carefree at first, he soon longs to walk as a man again. When leap year arrives, bathing land and sea in magic, Finn temporarily regains his human form. If he can’t find his soul mate in twenty-four hours, he’ll be back to cavorting among the waves.
Anne Ward—resident midwife and newcomer to Port St. Mary, Isle of Man—guards some wild secrets of her own while avoiding entanglements with married doctors. A believer in fate, she seeks out

Madame Eve’s exclusive agency to help find her destined mate. 1Night Stand matches these two lonely souls. But will their extraordinary date allow Finn and Anne to open their hearts to magical possibilities and Seal the Deal?

 "Another magical read from JoAnne Kenrick. Passion, thrills, and romance, this book has it all. A must read!" ~ USA Today Bestselling Author, Marie Harte.

"JoAnne Kenrick transports her readers to that land between myth and reality where romance is all the magic you need. Don't miss your chance to visit!" ~ Heather Long, bestselling author of the Always a Marine series.

"Ms. Kenrick created a magical, romantic, and sexy world with vivid details that pull you in and make you beg for more. Seal the Deal is a wonderful, steamy addition to the 1Night Stand series and a must read." ~ Bestselling romance author, Lia Davis. 

About JoAnne Kenrick
JoAnne Kenrick is a multi-published author who writes both contemporaries and paranormals. Her Irish Kisses series earned her the title of a Bookstrand bestselling author, and contemporary romance bestselling author at ARe and Amazon. When JoAnne's not writing, she enjoys creating book adverts and crafting. 


Finn Kneale slid from his watch-point rock a few miles out from the little tourist trap where he had lived for most of his life. Under the miraculous February 29th lunar eclipse, he delved into the depths of the Irish Sea. The orb hanging over the ocean like a dimmed lantern held his last chance to undo the spell shrouding him in misery. Water lapped, and he twisted, clapping flippers over the sea foam. Waves crashed over his mottled gray-and-black seal self. Excitement rushed through him and exited in a loud, brassy roar. Then he unleashed another and another, each increasing in volume for the benefit of his aquatic friends. The barked announcement told the world Finn hoped to meet his mate tonight.
He floated in the shallows, waiting, watching as the old, white lighthouse fluctuated in and out of existence. The sliver of moonlight cast a silvery glow over the once-in-ruins building sitting proud again, high on the cliff’s edge. Its beacon shone bright, yet the gray sky pitched gloom below. He had all of twenty-four hours to seal the deal—as long as the lighthouse stood—then the energy balance would return to normal along the rocky shores of the Isle of Man, the historical maritime building vanishing once again. At least, that was the story his father had relayed every morning for the last four years.
Shimmying his slippery body across the pebbled beach of Port St. Mary, he took cover between tall, bulky rocks for the transformation. Safely hidden, he squeezed his eyelids closed and tried to envision his human self. Too much time had passed; he wasn’t sure his memory was close to the mark.
Think, Finn, think.
Soft cotton towels against his whiskers, the warm touch of the sun on his shoulders as he worked the farm, tasty homemade soup tangy on his tongue. Soft flesh of a woman beneath him. Oh, to be admired for his manliness rather than his cutesy seal features and bubble-blowing talents. Fragmented recollections of the little things were all that had survived years of watching the shoreline. 
“You all right, miss?” A podgy boy she’d met where she worked tugged at her shawl, his cheek bulging on the right. He made a sucking sound, and the swell appeared at his other cheek. “Yum, I love gobstoppers. The Isle Rock and Sweets store sells the best ever. Want one?”
“No thanks.” She shook her head and paused, trying to remember his name. “Henry.” She knew most of the local kids. If she hadn’t delivered them, she saw them at the doctor’s office for their immunizations. As a midwife, she sometimes doubled as a nurse for Port St. Mary. Heck, she’d even done time on the clinic’s reception desk. She loved the variety and small village’s “know everyone” feeling. Very different from her old position in a large hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland. There, she’d delivered babies. No before, during, or after care.
“Hi, Henry. Yes, I’m fine. Your Mummy and Daddy around?”
“Silly, of course. I wouldn’t be here by myself. They’re over there.” The six-year-old waved to the couple who stood with a crowd beyond stacked tables and chairs.
A sudden blast of icy wind raced through Anne’s knit outfit. She shivered and hunched to protect herself against the elements. Brrr. “Why is everyone out here? What are they all staring at?”
 “The seals, look.” Henry pointed beyond the immaculate lawns of the golf course, toward the sea. “There are thousands of them!”

Seals—not in the thousands, more like sixty or so—scattered the shorelines and surrounding rocks. All barking, clapping, facing toward the.... Lighthouse?
A storm and rough seas had crashed the building into the ocean some four years earlier, so town folk and research at the local library had told her. Her maternal grandfather—at least if her suspicions as to the identity of her biological mother were correct—Colyn Radcliff, used to be a watcher, so she’d studied its history and had quizzed the librarian. Anything to get to know the family she’d never met, to grasp at some semblance of belonging.
Excerpt 3:
His stomach muscles pulled taut and lust pulsed through his groin, slamming the need home. So long he’d waited. His breeks grew tight, bringing attention to what he wanted—needed with growing desperation. He had to have her.
Finn yanked her in, closing all distance between them, and swept his tongue over hers. His swollen shaft pressed against her. The hair on his nape prickled. He wasn’t sure what excited him more, the prospect of making love to her, of having skin to skin contact, or her ability to end his curse.
He thrust forward, groaning.
“Slow down.” She panted and shoved, palms flat against his chest, but he stood firm and she stumbled back a few steps, landing on the bed with her legs apart. She peered up at him from behind her tousled curls, her low gaze focused on his lips. Moonlight bounced from her locks, shimmering deep-red low-lights and reflecting a warm tint over her perfect complexion.
If this was how he’d spent the rest of his years, he couldn’t wait to get started, to see her naked. To feast upon her beauty as she walked down the aisle.The temptress had said slow down, but her almond-shaped eyes and her pout begged him to keep trying. No retreat, this is it. Giving up is not an option.
 A newfound confidence rushed through him, and a grin broke free. Boundaries usually standing between him and pleasure were nowhere in sight, his desire to invoke their connection too strong to deny, to let his awkwardness get in the way. He dared to drop over her, caging her in and pushing her into the mattress. Hazel eyes held him captive. He couldn’t steal away if he wanted to. 


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Lucky 13 Trick or Treat Blog Hop

Welcome to the Lucky 13 Trick or Treat Blog Hop. We love October and we LOVE Halloween! And we're giving away prizes galore in a Trick Bundle and a Treat Bundle. The Grand Prize is a Kindle Paperwhite!

There's no better place on earth to celebrate Halloween than Sleepy Hollow, where even the street signs are orange and black and the high school team is called The Horsemen.

 And what's better than October apples and Halloween candy? Candy apples!
There's no trick to this (well, maybe a small one at the end!)
None. So simple even I can do it.

8-10 apples
1 c. sugar
1 c. light corn syrup
1/2 c. water
1/2 c. red cinnamon candies

Inserts sticks in apples. Boil everything else to hard crack stage. If you have a candy thermometer, that'd be to 300-310 degrees. If not, don't fuss yourself. You'll know.  Swirl apples in candy (quickly) and place on wax paper. 

Want even simpler?
(Just take the cellophane off the candy!)
6 apples
1 package (14 oz.) individually wrapped caramels
2 tablespoons milk

Insert sticks in apples.
Butter baking sheet.
Microwave caramels and milk two minutes, stirring once.

Cool briefly.

Roll each apple in melted caramel. 
Nuts and such optional
Tell me your favorite Halloween story and I'll send one randome commenter a Sleepy Hollow t-shirt (U.S. only) or an Amazon or ARe gift card if you're outside the U.S. 
And don't forgot to hop on the Lucky 13 Blog Hop for chances to win the Grand Prize and TRICK or TREAT book bundles.

* Fool's Gold by Cassandra Dean
* Her Wicked Sin 
* Hot Winter Kiss by Joanne Kenrick
* Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle
* Once Her Man, Always Her Man by Heather Long
* Then, Again by Karen Stivali
* Reforming the Cowboy by Marisa Cleveland
* Scrap Metal by Jennah Scott
* Brazen  by Cathryn Fox
* A Date with Death by Louisa Bacio

* Fight or Flight by Natalie J. Damschroder
* Silken Edge by Lacey Paige
* Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid
* Lightning by Taryn Kincaid
* Ruby Hill
* Tales from the Coffin by Joanne Kenrick
* Last Flight of the Ark by Dawn Jackson
* Kindred of the Fallen by Isis Rushdan
* Protector of the Flame by Isis Rushdan
* Hereafter by Joya Fields
* Earth Witches Aren't Easy by Heather Long
* Marshal of Hel Dorado by Heather Long
* To Catch Her Death  by Boone Brux
* Hunter's Moon by Lisa Kessler
* Heaven and Hellsbane by Paige Cuccaro
* Don't Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee

Click here to visit the other stops on the hop:


Use the Rafflecopter to enter! The Lucky 13 Trick or Treat Blog Hop runs through October 26. The Grand Prize winner will be announced Octdober 30.

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Happy Bookaversary, LIGHTNING!

LIGHTNING, the first book in my hot and sexy Sleepy Hollow series of erotic paranormal 1Night Stand stories for Decadent Publishing, was released one year ago!

In mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.

Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secret since that prom night. He’s buried himself in work to forget the woman who’d dumped him at the ER then vanished from his life without a trace.
Neither Lily nor Campbell have forgotten that night or the love they’d shared. Will a 1Night Stand help them bury their past?
“A little higher and more to the left.”

Lily Night narrowed her eyes as the building maintenance man shifted her framed diploma on the freshly-painted wall opposite her desk. She tried not to ogle the firm ass encased in a pair of tight jeans or the way the man’s shoulder muscles rippled beneath his T-shirt.

Maybe if I pop an Altoid, I’ll have an excuse to wipe away the drool.
She refrained from jumping the handsome worker dude’s bones. The last time she’d dallied with a human, the encounter had not gone well. Vivid images of that long ago prom night bombarded her. Campbell Jones had been a young, strapping, hunk-and-a-half football player and they’d started their date full of hope and expectation and lust. When he’d adjusted the fragrant gardenia corsage on her wrist, she’d inhaled his crisp, citrus scent and thought she might swoon at the sight of him in his tux. The black material stretched across broad shoulders that mirrored the promise of the bruising man he’d be in his prime. But she’d all but sucked him dry as flashes of lightning crackled over their heads. By the time dawn painted the sky, she’d turned him into a mere shadow of his former self. Literally.
And briefly knocked out cell phone service in the lower Hudson Valley, as well.
She’d sworn off humans ever since. Instead, she pulled all-nighter after all-nighter to evade the dreams in which men called to her—and to avoid the university dating scene that inevitably led to frequent and addicting sex.
Mortals. Bleh.


To celebrate, I'll give away a copy to one random commenter. Tell me why you want to read it!

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The One(s) that Got Away
By Sara Daniel
 My first love and first kiss was way back at the tender age of six in Ms. Nelson’s first grade classroom.  Darren was sweet with smooth, shiny, reddish brown hair and loafer shoes.  I was smitten, so I kissed him amongst the crayons.  Sadly, my passion was too much for poor, unsuspecting Darren.  He burst into tears, and Ms. Nelson gave me a time out in the hall.

 It took me until fifth grade to recover.  Then I fell for a boy with curly blonde-brown hair.  I’d learned my lesson about passionate kisses in school, so we stuck to a rash of covertly passed loved notes.  All the while, I reveled in the excitement and emotion of our forbidden, fledgling relationship.
Most of my junior high crushes lasted for less time than it took for my friends to ask his friends to ask him if he wanted to “go out.” His friends then reported back to my friends, who finally told me he said no (to my intense relief). And then there were the crushes that I confessed to no one and the awkward first (and only) dates with guys I was so hopeful about at the time.

 We all have them: someone from our past that we wonder, “what if?” I’ve been blessed in my life, and I know that any “what if?” scenario is not going to be as good as the life I’m living now. But some people would give anything for a second chance, and some people like Caroline from One Night with the Bride never expect a second chance with The One who got away. Thanks to Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service (and a meddling mother) she gets the chance. Happy second birthday 1Night Stand. Below are two very satisfied customers.
One Night With the Bride

 When her society matron mother presents Caroline with a one-night stand date a week before her wedding, she’s appalled. Even worse, the encounter will take place at the fantasy ranch resort operated by her high school lover, Javier Alvarado. Although determined to remain faithful to her fianc√©, she’s tempted and intrigued to see her first love again. It’s not like she has to sleep with him.
But one look and kiss later, she yearns for the man she walked away from so long ago. Unfortunately, when Javier discovers Caroline is engaged, all he can see is deception and heartbreak all over again.

 Can a 1Night Stand from Madame Eve reunite them or will one night with the bride sever their ties forever?

 About the author: Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online at:

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Kali Willows' Celebrates 1Night Stand with Double Dragon Trivia


Double Dragon Trivia!!!
Posted By: Kali Willows
“Kali Willows’ Double Dragon Seduction was an emotionally packed, complicated story, with a unique mythology. “–Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Dragon Temptation is another 1 Night Stand Novella and lord have mercy I sure do love these Novellas. Yes they are short but they are packed with steamy sex and romance.”—Tee.

It all started with two seductive twins, Tatsu and Yong Li, my dragons. Along came Gwen Trembley, their fiery love interest in Double Dragon Seduction. Next was the continuing tale, one twin takes a wife, the other takes a new lover in Dragon Temptation. Then come the twins’ dragon cousin Kaida Li, and her mysterious match Roark Blackwell in Dragon’s Breath (Coming out in October 2013!)
Three stories that are crammed full of erotic romance, paranormal twists, unique mythology, and now? Now, for my current WIP, I’m going back to the beginning, with the couple that bestowed our dragon lovers with their unique legacy- Double Dragon’s Bond.— There will be more to share about the 4th edition of the series in the very near future!
My next release in my Double Dragon’s Blood 1NS series is even more packed with sizzling sex and secrets revealed. In Dragon’s Breath, Roark protects her from a distance, he has yearned for her for years, Kaida can’t find a mate that can match her strength or survive her lineage. It all boils down to a single erotic night, or the morning after, that will change their loves forever.
What is it about these dragons that have captivated me so? It’s difficult to explain, except that their stories need to be told. Because my Double Dragons’ have been my best sellers, EVER, I decided to entice my readers who have also been drawn in by the twins’ mystifying allure.  
Today, I would like to have some fun! I’m going to post some trivia questions based on the first two books in my series, and the reader who replies with the most correct answers will win a copy of ANY one of my 1NS books!

Find the selection here: Decadent Publishing-Kali Willows 
1.      What is Tatsu and Yong Li’s heritage?
2.      What famous landmark (City) did Tatsu and Yong Li rendezvous with Gwen for their 1 Night Stand? 
3.      What year were the twins and Gwen all born in? 19--?
4.      In the Chinese Zodiac, what year were Tatsu, Yong Li and Gwen all born in? Year of the--?
5.      Which person from Gwen’s past interferes with her night of passion with the twins?
6.      Who is your favourite dragon so far in the series? ( there is no right or wrong to this question J  )
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