Friday, November 23, 2012

1Night Stands, By Jones!

Happy Black Friday, everyone! And welcome to my stop on the Decadent Publishing Authors Black Friday Blog Hop!

DP Black Friday Blog Hop

Help me find new characters and I'll send a random commenter something tasty!

But first here the clues, along with the hot skinny on those sexy Jones brothers and their babes:

Campbell, the hero of LIGHTNING, is a first-class, award-winning architect, who's acquired supernatural staying power and some other interesting paranormal skills, after his prom date, Lily Night, landed him in a coma during a night of steamy, unbridled passion.

Campbell's teamed up with his brother, the hunky Sean Jones, the hero of THUNDER, a much sought-after contractor to the stars, and the pair have created a hot ticket real estate development company called By Jones. Also part of By Jones: two mysterious characters known as Silent Partner and Developer Girl. And Sean runs a few smokin' crews of muscular construction guys.

Lily, the love of Campbell's life, is a succubus, with two off-the-wall succubi sisters, Dagney and Zena, who stand at different points on the demonic table. While Lily is close to "zero" as demons go, Zena is off the freakin' paranormal promiscuity charts.

Sean's squeeze, Veronica Hardwicke, is a witch. She may have some witchy cronies. She has a will o'the wisp friend named Genevieve.

So who else, from the cast above, would you like to see have a 1Night Stand? And why?

Let me know and I'll send a random commenter some cool THUNDER and LIGHTNING swag and a $5 gift card from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks!

Read more about LIGHTNING and THUNDER here:

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Jessica Subject said...

Thanks for participating in the hop, Taryn! :)

Heather Long said...

Would love to see one for the mysterious characters--Silent Partner and Developer Girl!

Tina brunelle said...

that is a beautiful cover

Mel Bourn said...

The construction guys sound like a hot number. Wouldn't mind that.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Tina B said...

I would have to say the succubi! I just love them! ;)
I agree with Tina, beautiful covers.
trb0917 at

shalisha cooper said...

thank you for the hop

Tamara Hoffa said...

I haven't read lightening yet, but I loved Gwen in Thunder!

laurie said...

Thanks for participating. This series sounds awesome!

Shadow said...

Hi! Happy Holidays to you! I dont have a favorite. Ive read some but i think i should read a ton more before i can officially pick the winner. lol Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you!

Alyson LaBarge said...

First off, LOVE your header! Second, love the 1NS books. Have yet to read Lightening and Thunder but they both look great!!

As for your question, I'm thinking Zena as, like you said, she is off the freakin' paranormal promiscuity charts.:) I think she would be a Godsend to some geeky businessman...who needs to be brought out of his shell and then once opened to the whole new world Zena can show him, becomes a sex god himself! :giggle: Just an idea.;)

3girlzmama at

rubyswan said...


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