Thursday, October 17, 2013


The One(s) that Got Away
By Sara Daniel
 My first love and first kiss was way back at the tender age of six in Ms. Nelson’s first grade classroom.  Darren was sweet with smooth, shiny, reddish brown hair and loafer shoes.  I was smitten, so I kissed him amongst the crayons.  Sadly, my passion was too much for poor, unsuspecting Darren.  He burst into tears, and Ms. Nelson gave me a time out in the hall.

 It took me until fifth grade to recover.  Then I fell for a boy with curly blonde-brown hair.  I’d learned my lesson about passionate kisses in school, so we stuck to a rash of covertly passed loved notes.  All the while, I reveled in the excitement and emotion of our forbidden, fledgling relationship.
Most of my junior high crushes lasted for less time than it took for my friends to ask his friends to ask him if he wanted to “go out.” His friends then reported back to my friends, who finally told me he said no (to my intense relief). And then there were the crushes that I confessed to no one and the awkward first (and only) dates with guys I was so hopeful about at the time.

 We all have them: someone from our past that we wonder, “what if?” I’ve been blessed in my life, and I know that any “what if?” scenario is not going to be as good as the life I’m living now. But some people would give anything for a second chance, and some people like Caroline from One Night with the Bride never expect a second chance with The One who got away. Thanks to Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service (and a meddling mother) she gets the chance. Happy second birthday 1Night Stand. Below are two very satisfied customers.
One Night With the Bride

 When her society matron mother presents Caroline with a one-night stand date a week before her wedding, she’s appalled. Even worse, the encounter will take place at the fantasy ranch resort operated by her high school lover, Javier Alvarado. Although determined to remain faithful to her fiancé, she’s tempted and intrigued to see her first love again. It’s not like she has to sleep with him.
But one look and kiss later, she yearns for the man she walked away from so long ago. Unfortunately, when Javier discovers Caroline is engaged, all he can see is deception and heartbreak all over again.

 Can a 1Night Stand from Madame Eve reunite them or will one night with the bride sever their ties forever?

 About the author: Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online at:

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