Sunday, February 9, 2014

IN FROM THE COLD...coming soon!

So thrilled and excited to announce I signed a contract yesterday for IN FROM THE COLD, my latest Sleepy Hollow 1Night Stand for Decadent Publishing.

The hero is Spook Raines, who is the long lost twin brother of Bhyrne Raines, the hero of HEAT WAVE, and the cousin of Max Raines, the hero of FROST! 

He's a burnt-out spy.  And he doesn't know he's a fire-demon like the other Raines dudes!

The heroine is Geneviève Mortimer, a will o' the wisp, and demon hunter. She is a friend of Veronica Hardwicke's (the heroine of THUNDER).

When Madame Eve gets them together...the sparks fly!

Here's a sneak peek:

 Geneviève Mortimer crept down the quiet hotel hallway, careful to bank her glow…at least for the moment. She sensed the presence of a demon on the floor, but something seemed off about the male’s aura. A weird lack of evil, as if an impenetrable force field surrounded his consciousness, his psyche. As if he thought he were… human.

Had he been brainwashed? Drugged? Raised by gypsies? By wolves? Wait. No. Scratch that last one. She didn’t get the "were" vibe at all with this one.

No matter, as a will o’the wisp and a Protector of the Legion of Shadows tasked with watching over humankind and keeping the unwary safe from visitors from the demon realms to the human plane, she lured the black-souled to their demise. Going all shine-a-light and sparkly until they fell under her spell and followed her anywhere. She needed to find this guy. Pounce first, beam a little hypnotic wattage, ask questions later. Take him out before he did any harm. To humans. Or innocents like her parents.

She sniffed. Getting warmer. Closer to the demon’s room. What would she find behind his door?


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