Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

A sweet little present.

The basis for all.

Since Ms. Rosavin has an issue with Keira, here's Colin.

(It's all about Darcy, anyway. And, of course, a Regency heroine with great wit and intelligence and fine gray eyes.)
Miss Jane, without whom, none.
Never have been crazy about these two, but they sure take some mean pictures!

A little Heathcliff and Cathy.

And Rick and Ilsa.
Okay, so there's no happy ending for them, either. But still. Rick leaves Ilsa with the most noble speech of all time. (With the possible exception of Sydney Carton's gallows speech.)
"If that plane leaves the ground and you’re not with him, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."
Hey, it beats getting dumped by Post-it note.

Besides, they'll always have Paris.

Like Jake Barnes and Lady Brett.

And a kiss is still a kiss.

        No matter what world you're on.

Here's looking at you, kids.


Gina Rosavin said...

Love that fourth one down - have a scene where they're in a similar position!

Keira's all right, I do like her "look" though.

Indulged in a little chocolate myself - have to today, it's a rule! A little bit of my brownie sundae still left over!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Terri said...

My ice cream totally melted, even though I'd had it in the freezer about five hours or so. Brownie sat in a pool of it. I never thought I'd hear myself say such a thing but...way tooooooo sweet.
PS: Not Keira so much as Elizabeth and D'Arcy. Maybe I'll put up a different picture. What do people think?
PPS: Give me a couple you like and I'll put them.

JL Walters said...

Colin is my favorite. Have watched the entire A and E thing at least once a year.

Terri said...

Looks like I'm going to have to search out a picture of Ms. Jane Austen. She seems to be getting short shrift here with all these movie versions!

Do we want a little Heathcliff, ladies? I have an excellent picture of Wuthering Heights. Or is Heath a little too dark, Byronic and unrequited?

Gina Rosavin said...

Oooh, Heathcliff. I like the dak heroes, you know me! :)

Gina Rosavin said...

That should be DARK! *facepalm* Hate this laptop keyboard

Wendy Marcus said...

So what's wrong with me? I'm drooling over the chocolate!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

Liz said...

Not a fan of Kiera either. I'm a sucker for Heathcliff. Though my favorite scene is from the Scarlet Pimpernel w/ Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews...

"Sir, you move to fast."
"My heart sets the pace."


Terri said...

Wendy -- I had some even better virtual chocolate, but I can't find it now. You'd be astonished at the amount of virtual chocolate out there in web land. With this one, I liked the box.
I've added your blog to my blog list, btw.

Terri said...

Liz -- I LOVE those lines! I don't think I've ever seen the movie or read the book, but here's a link to it at Page By Page Books, which swears all its offerings are in the public domain:

Usually when people mention Jane Seymour in a great love story, it's a reference to SOMEWHERE IN TIME, with Christopher Reeve. I don't think I ever saw that, either.
In the past, Jane Seymour was always DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN to me.
Now, of course, she's the Open Heart lady for Kay Jewelers.

PS: Hate men in wigs, periwigs, peruke, powder and pomade. If they want to tie the mop back with a black ribbon or hunk of rawhide, that's A-OK by me.

Kat Attall said...

My blood sugar goes up just thinking about chocolate.

The list of literary couples was missing Reaper and Biker Babe. They rank above Romeo and Juliet in my book.

Terri said...

Just. Don't.

I can't even apply Heinlein's Rule #3 to this blog. I've already tinkered with it 47 times since the first comment this morning.

Jenna Kernan said...


"If loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day. Not he, not the world, not even you, Kathy, can come between us."

'Nuff said.

Terri said...

Ah. Eternal love.
Dunno why, Jen, but I thought you'd go for a more American boy. Native, shape-shifting, or otherwise.
So...was Heathcliff a vampire?
While looking for pictures of him -- Timothy Dalton? Laurence Olivier? The hairy guy whose name escapes me who was in the millionth remake ... I came across an essay that suggests he was.

(If anyone can figure out how to create a hyperlink in a comment box, please let me know.)

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