Wednesday, February 17, 2010


      Usually, I like watching other people run around (bases, preferably) as much as the next person, and often the Olympics captures my attention, if not my imagination.
       Not this year.
       The "O" in Olympics stands for "yawn."

      The goal may be just as golden as in the past, but the story's not remotely riveting. No compelling characters to care about. The Chinese pairs skaters were a lovely touch for Valentine's Day, but that's over. The Americans on the slopes, apparently always trying to redeem their goofball behavior from prior games, have wimpered away. Except for Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso. Props to them. (The tiara was a nice touch there, Julia.) And to Shaun White.  Gotta love someone known as the "Flying Tomato," who does stunts called the "Double McTwist."
      But so far there's been no conniving, no conflict, no doping, no bizzarro judging or figure skaters trying to kneecap each other. No Miracle on Ice. (Team USA beat Team Russia 13-0 in hockey.)

      [2-19-09 Update: O, controversy!  Can always rely on figure skating for that!]

     If these Olympics were a book, I'd have smashed it into the wall already.

But all is not lost. Pitchers and catchers are working on their tans.
And spring cannot be far behind.


Wendy Marcus said...

Hi Terri!
I don't watch much TV, but I've had the Olympics on in the background at night. I really like curling but haven't seen any yet.

I'm not a big baseball fan, but when I watch I root for the Mets. Can I still post on your blog? Can we still be friends? I promise not to mention it again.

Terri said...

Welcome back, Wendy.

First, I have to give props to Shaun White. One whacky boy. Now THAT was exciting.

Of course, you can post here. The more the merrier. I have no animosity towards Mets fans. NY's NY. Mainly, I'm a homer.
A Giants fan, but was willing to root for the Jets in the Super Bowl. If it came to that.

Gina Rosavin said...

Spring - the thought makes me wistful! :)

Haven't watched the Olympics, I'm not much of a TV watcher in general. I do like the summer games, though my favorite, the equestrian sports are always on at weird times on weird channels.

I'm a Mets fan too! Comes from being old Brooklyn Dodger fans, though oddly, my grandfather was a Yankees fan. Giants and Rangers baby, we basically bleed blue, even if there's a little orange in there too!

Terri said...

My blood is pin-striped.

Wendy Marcus said...

You should see a doctor for that.

Terri said...

Perhaps if I ever contract Gang Green...

Liz said...

Agree with the Olympic stuff. Super excited Pitchers/Catchers - Pt Pleasant can't be too far away

Kat Attalla said...

I agree about the Olympics. And as long as they are showing reruns, even House can't get my viewing attention. Guess I should work on those rewrites now.

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