Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Synopsis Hell

Great blog post on the rigors of synopsis writing by romantic suspense author Roxanne St. Claire over at the MurderSheWrites blog today.

I like her posts on writing as much as I like her books!

And here's Shiloh Walker yesterday on the same subject: "On proposals, synopsis…selling…with, without… O_O."


Zoe Winters said...

LOL I love your "about me" section.

Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by, Zoe. Everyone: If you like "were" paranormals, download Zoe's novella, "Kept." It's free!

Zoe Winters said...

LOL thanks for the pimpage!

Wendy Marcus said...

Thanks for the info, Terri. Roxanne St. Clair also posted at romanceuniversity.org yesterday. She is very knowledgeable and approachable. (I love her books!)

Terri said...

Carly Phillips turned me onto the Bullet Catchers series. Said she'd read a hero she'd fallen in love with, almost as if he was one of hers! I swallowed the whole series of 8 books (not including the novellas) in about a two weeks, I think. Like potato chips.

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