Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stories Needed!

      The Wild Rose Press is looking for romance.

      The (primarily) epublisher is calling for submissions of short manuscripts (under 65K words) for all its subgenre lines:

Crimson Rose (Mystery & Suspense, Romantic Suspense)
Scarlet Rose (Erotic Romance)
Faery Rose ( Light Paranormal--elves, fairies, good witches, fantasy, futuristic)
Black Rose (Dark Paranormal--werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, etc.)
English Tea Rose (Non-American Historical)
American Rose (American Historical)
Vintage Rose (Classic Romance from the eras of 1900 to 1990)
Cactus Rose (Western Historical)
Yellow Rose (Contemporary Cowboys)
Champagne Rose (Contemporary)
Last Rose of Summer (Contemporary with a more mature heroine)
Sweetheart Rose (Contemporary Sweet Traditional)

     Several of the lines also are actively seeking full-length novels and short manuscripts geared toward special series.

     At The Cactus Rose blog, the call is out for submissions to "Earth Songs," short
stories of 40,000 words or fewer, that feature Native American heros, heroines or both, and take place between 1870 and 1890.

     The Last Rose of Summer's special series will take you back to a time in the not-quite-as-distant past, with its high school reunion series, The Class of 1985. Stories should be 7,500 to 40,000, ranging from "sweet" to "sensual" and either the hero, heroine (or both) must have gone to Summerville High School. Summerville is a "medium size city on the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York State."
      Check out the invitation.
      And if you need some help getting those pens scratching, you might want to check out some of the editors' and authors' blogs:
    Behind the Garden Gate
    American and Vintage Rose
    Black Rose
    Cactus Rose
    TWRP Historical Roses
    Wilder Roses


Wendy Marcus said...

Thanks for the info, Terri. I'll have to check it out. I was involved in the TWRP a while ago. They have great author editor chats on specific days each month. They are very supportive of new writers. I submitted a story to them a while back and it was rejected. (But very nicely and with great suggestions.) Since then I've been pursuing other things. But it's worth a glance through what I have written to see if anything I have fits what they're looking for.
Hope all is well and you're getting some writing done.

Yo said...

Thanks for sharing! Maybe this will help with those of us procrastinating ...

Kat Attalla said...

Well, now I know where to try with my box full of unpublished , but scathingly brilliant stories.

Liz said...

Thanks Teri

Terri said...

Seems like almost all sizes, all shapes, all flavors. Figured someone must have something...
Their web site's worth taking a look.

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