Friday, May 21, 2010

Double teaming

       "We've decided you need to give us more space."
       "Yeah. We're sticking together on this."
        Wait a minute. Get back here. What are you two talking about? Word count? Conflict? Separation?
       "Figure it out. That's your job, not ours."
        Do you think it's fair for you guys to gang up on me this way?    
       "Life isn't fair, sweetheart." 
       "And we've got better stuff to do."


Gina Rosavin said...

Uh oh, that's rather ominous sounding! Or maybe it's good and you're writing lots and lots!

Wendy Marcus said...

Better stuff as in........ Details! I need details!

Kat Attalla said...

I've spent the week in a state of confusion. This is just the icing on the cake...

Terri said...

Oh, just amusing myself drawing nipples on Clark Kent.

And checking to see if anyone's alive out there. (Thanks, Bruce.)

And giving Lara and Cole space so they can amuse THEMSELVES. know...not.

After last night's two-hour gore fest season finale on Grey's Anatomy, decided Dr. Karev might be on to something:

"Eat more bacon. Have more sex."

Hey, it's better than Pac Man on Google.

Kat Attalla said...

Just make sure you are having more sex if you're eating that bacon. One without the other leads to a life of Lipitor and Plavex.

Jennifer Probst said...

Your dialogue and snippets are just like a tasty Lost episode - delicious but confusing until all the pieces come together...I LOVE these characters.

Terri said...


I do, too.

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