Tuesday, May 18, 2010


     Over at  Women of Mystery,  they do a weekly feature called "Two Sentence Tuesdays."

      Most of these ladies are from our same neck of the woods and it is my hope that we can convince them to drop by HVRWA and check us out one of these days.

    Maybe we can even do a joint HVRWA/WomenOfMystery/SistersInCrime event of some sort.  That's my dream. And despite unsubtle arm twisting from me, I haven't yet managed to convince my new Twitter pal, Laura Curtis--who lives in my VERY OWN COUNTY--to wade across the Hudson.
    [Hell, if I can zip across the Tappan Zee, anyone .... Oh. Wait. Maybe we shouldn't go there.  ;) ]

    Still, drop by Women of Mystery -- it's a fun site. A few days ago, they had the Dr. Wicked Write or Die bells and whistles challenge, which some of you might like to try.
    On Tuesdays, they encourage commenters to post two sentences the poster wrote, along with two sentences the poster read.
    My two "reads" came from Nalini Singh's Archangel's Kiss.

    And here are my two "writes," in keeping with my new nasty habit of reporting all things Cole and Lara on-line.  Instead of...on the page.
    “What are we doing, Cole?”
    “You really need an answer?”

   And don't forget to drop by Mysteries and Margaritas also. These are the ladies who are currently running a blog contest called "Hook, Line & Sinker," a name very familiar to us since we've been using it 25 years!

   Cole and Lara are hoping to win a tote bag over there.

    Have fun, kids!


Clare2e said...

I was going to protest at the WoM comments that I've been to your site, too, then I popped over to realize...Yet Another Terri!

Our cups runneth over with (C)Kathies and Terri(e)s
Like unto the ripest and juiciest berries.

Thanks for tossing in your Two's. Big fun!

Terri said...

Good to see you, Clare! Yep. We do, too. (We even have a differently-spelled Claire!)
I see you are on my side of the river, and hope you'll stop by to visit us at HVRWA, as I'm trying to convince the other WoM. (Sorry I substituted "in" for "of" -- I've got that changed now!)
I'm convinced we are destined for some type of linkage. One way or another!
Meanwhile, I'll be hanging out at the WoM blog.

Wendy Marcus said...

I visited Women of Mystery and posted my two sentances, although a day late. Nice blog. Thanks for suggesting it.

Gina Rosavin said...

Checked it out - great site.

I think it would be awesome to do a joint event, what fun that would be. I'll help plan it!

As for that bridge, I force myself to cross it when necessary, I understand the level of fear there. My hands usually have to be pried off the wheel on the other side though!

Hoping Lara and Cole get more than a tote bag! ;)

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