Sunday, June 27, 2010


  Gone Fishin'
  (Yeah.Sure.Right.I wish.)

  Haven't gotten around to blogging this week.
  Busy time for me.  First week back in the rat race in awhile.

      Mentally and physically exhausting. Trying to rid myself of other aggravation with varying degrees of success. It would really help things a lot if everyone around me would cooperate!
     Spent large part of weekend revising something. Finally out the door. Well, maybe not finally.

     Just want to watch TV  now.

    That's all, folks.


Wendy Marcus said...

Hi Terri!
Sorry you're pooped! Was it a manuscript you were revising over the weekend? If so where did you send it? (And good luck!)

Terri said...

Yes. But I'm superstitious and/paranoid about discussing it on the internet.

JL Walters said...

Trtti, I agree with you. I never say that I've sent something off until it's either accepted or rejected

Terri said...

You never know who might view the blog. Certain things I'm not comfortable with and that's one of them.

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