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Ah, Spring!

Welcome to my stop on the Rites of Spring Blog Hop!

I'm soooooooo done with winter! Yeah, I know. Surprising sentiment from the author of FROST and BLIZZARD.  But really, look at the painting below (no, it was not painted by the hot and sexy Maxwell Raines, the sex-demon artist hero of FROST) and tell me you're not ready for springtime fun in the sun.
Nicolai Roerich design of stage backdrop for Stravinsky’s“Le Sacre du Printemp"

I thought we'd do our Rites of Spring first with Jack and Mandy, hero and heroine of BLIZZARD, my short and sexy story for Decadent Publishing's The Edge erotica line. They've had any number of hot firsts in their time, the sizzling snowstorm road tryst being just one of those.  (They like the road.)
Mandy: [sighs] But you know, I've got some really fond memories of that rest stop parking lot. Yeah, fond. That's a nice safe PG word.
Jack: Mandy's kind of a risk-taker. Drives me nuts. Also makes me hot as hell.
Mandy: Look who's talking, FEMA man.
Jack: You say that like I'm an old fuddy-duddy.
Mandy: Baby, I say that because you see so much death and destruction all the time. I like to, um, shake you up and entertain you when you're not on the job. 
Jack: Never a dull moment.
Mandy: Yeah, well, it's not like it's me in a harness, dangling from a helicopter to pluck flood survivors off the roof of a building.  When that's not even part of your job. But I love how you're always...ready. And always...prepared.
Jack: Like the first time on that golf course?
Mandy: Oh, yeah. Just like that.  [Blushes.] Now that was an awesomesauce first.
Jack: You, me, sneaking onto the course, naked on the fresh-mown grass. Spring in the air.A couple of cold ones. Cars whizzing by outside the country club gates. Hearing us, maybe. Not quite able to see us.
Mandy: Gah. I'm hot all over just thinking about that.
Jack: Yeah, I know.  I love our road trysts. And love how you squirm in your seat whenever we pass a rest stop or a golf course now.  [Winks.] Time to hit the road baby. Think this is where we make our exit.
Want more of Jack and Mandy?  Catch them in BLIZZARD.
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Mandy Malone ditches her pharmaceutical convention and the married male colleagues hitting on her to hurry home to her waiting family. But she doesn’t bank on the blizzard that forces her off the road and into a deserted rest stop. When she meets another road refugee, their attraction is immediate and molten hot. Suddenly, getting stranded doesn’t seem like such bad luck after all. 

Although totally unprepared for Mandy’s unvarnished proposition, Jack is intrigued by the erotic offer of a promising night of no-questions-asked sex. But when he notices the wedding band on Mandy’s finger, will he forego the lure of a torrid clandestine affair, or give in to the fantasy of blazing hot sex on a wintry night?



She rooted around in her handbag again, on the off chance she’d missed something useful to her current situation.
“Is this what you’re looking for, lady?”
Mandy glanced up, startled by the deep, rumbling baritone that echoed loudly in the fairly quiet building. And even more startled by the tall, gorgeous hunk of manhood bundled into a down parka standing next to her table.
I could totally jump him. Right here. Right now.
From nowhere, steamy erotic images of what she wanted to do with the man leaped unbidden into her head. She’d never felt such instant attraction to anyone, such a frantic desire. Maybe it was a reaction to her frightening experience on the Thruway. Or maybe something else created the overpowering chemistry.
Besides being the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on, he held out a battery-operated pocket charger. A sigh escaped her as he stared down at her.
     “It’s not the only thing I’m looking for.” Her voice, husky and sultry, and laden with blatant sexual innuendo, shocked her. Where had those words come from? Nearly alone with him in the deserted rest stop…and still she felt…safe.
“Yeah?” The man removed his parka, revealing a plaid flannel shirt, the triangle of a white, cold-weather T-shirt peeping from the open neckline. When he raised his arms, thick bands of muscle rippled across his chest, beneath the layers of fabric. He riveted her with brilliant azure eyes, bluer than a lake under the summer’s sun. His hair, which curled a bit boyishly at his temples, resembled a wet beach, light, dirty brown, with shimmering bronze threads straggling through the locks. But this was no boy. No, indeed.
     God. Gorgeous did not even begin to cover it. The longer he looked at her, the hotter she became. So hot she suddenly felt she’d do anything, dare anything with this man.                                           

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Nikki said...

no holds bar sex with a hot stranger? Sounds awesome! With my luck I would get stranded with a total! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Taryn Kincaid said...

Yep. Jack's a hottie. No doubt about that!

Jessica Subject said...

Thanks for participating, Taryn! :)

Carol LaGatta said...

Love the firsts with Jack and Mandy!

becky nichols said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment with Jack and Mandy!! Can't wait to read this!!

Jean MP said...

Jack and Mandy sound like a hot couple, never know what they are going to do next.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Taryn Kincaid said...

Jess, Carol, Becky and Jean -- Thanks for stopping by and participating. Best of luck with the hop!

veRONIca said...

OMG! Love the instant attraction she feels! I would love to feel like that about someone!


Mary Frances Roya said...

So is Mandy really married? The wedding band to keep the old married guys at the convention off her back?

Loved the tease. Keep writing so I can keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Guess who I'll be thinking about next time I'm on the Thruway.

Taryn Kincaid said...

VeRONIca: Yep, instant attraction! And there's a very special reason why.

Mary Frances: Now that would be telling! LOL!

Lisa, thanks for stopping by, but you forgot to add your email addy! The Thruway is so much fun for fantasizing. I just might be thinking about Jack, too!

Missie1 said...

Dang. That except makes you wanna know what happens Thanks for the giveaway & the intriguing questions I now have.
Missie Jones
missie25524 (at) netzero (dot) com

Nay Nay said...

I think the wedding band is a fake she used for the convention. I need to read the entire story to find out if I'm right.

My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather and the flowers blooming.

Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

(\__ /)

Anonymous said...

Mandy and Jack seem to like teasing each other. XD

I adore spring, fresh start, Mother nature in full bloom. :)

Awesome excerpt! Thanks for being part of the hop.

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Wow. This is one hot couple. I like how comfortable they are together.
Spring brings a feeling of renewal to me.
koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

bn100 said...

Very nice excerpt. Thanks for participating.


Taryn Kincaid said...

Missie -- Thanks for stopping by to play!Hope all your intriguing questions will be answered in the book!

Nay Nay -- Fake wedding band? Hmmm. I'll never tell. But Mandy's not the type to fake ....anything!

Kitty -- Yep. It's all about the tease!

Michelle -- Oh, yes. Jack and Mandy are definitely HOT!

bn100 -- Thanks for dropping by.

Good luck in the contest, everybody!

petula said...

Perhaps Mandy needs to go up in the helicopter. They could have a try on the drop line. l.o.l.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Now that's a thought, Petula!

Catherine Lee said...

OH MY...Mandy's got some passion rising up in her. He'd better watch out...I think she's gonna jump him right there! LOL.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Cindi said...

Oooo! I need to read this book!! I've been in situations where I wanted to through caution to the wind as well. I hope this one turns out well;)


Taryn Kincaid said...

Oh, she most definitely jumps him, Catherine!

Hope you do read it, Cindi!

books4me said...

Jack and Mandy's story sounds hot and like a great read!!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Kyla Whitley said...

Blizzard sounds like a very HOT read! Looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing! :)

jukyjoauka at aol dot com

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