Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 3-17-13

Some hot stuff from BLIZZARD:

“Nevertheless. Talk is what we’re doing.” He leaned down and stroked a finger across her hot cheek. “First.”

He left his parka on the banquette across the table from her and strode off to one of the food vendors. She watched him go, admiring his easy gait, the confident way he carried himself, the spare, sinuous play of ass and thigh muscles inside his tight jeans. Broad, masculine shoulders. Long, long legs. Ending in sturdy Timberlands. Easily six-four. About 220 pounds of prime male beef. More fantasies bombarded her. She wanted his weight on top of her, her legs wrapped around his lean hips, the jeans down around his ankles, his cock driving into her, making her scream in passionate release. Boots optional. On or off, she didn’t care. As long as his fly was open.

They were going to do it. She would wrap her needy body around this man. Once she stopped shaking and got her conscience and libido in control. In her head it was already a done deal. They were going to screw like bunnies. And then screw some more.

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