Friday, July 23, 2010


So I guess I'm keeping Betty Boop...and Taryn Kincaid.

Right now, she exists only in my imagination. And in Twitter, where she's got her own account. (So far, there's only a "testing-testing-testing" Tweet and only @ScrltLtr is following her. Funny how that works!)

Maybe I can get her to do the actual writing for me, too!

I'm still getting the feel of her. It's kind of weird after decades of being someone else. But...considering the amount of hats I wear and screen names I already juggle...what's one more? least part of the name was part of my address for many it won't be that foreign!

For those of you who participated in Truckin' and Dickens, I'm taking those pages down. But watch this space. New pages may be coming. One of these days!

And watch this space ( Carina Press ), too!


Carly Phillips said...

You'll get used to another name. Soon that'll be more you than you.

Wendy Marcus said...

I think taking on another name could be pretty cool. And when you slip into your Taryn bikini a whole new you could emerge. Daring. Exciting. Living on the edge. I can't wait to see how this all turns out!!!

Taryn Kincaid said...

Yes, but you ARE a "Carly." And I am soooo not a "Taryn."

But I'll deal.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Got word earlier today that a tentative release date is February, 2011. So I guess we'll all find out then!


Shana Brodsky said...

I need to start a twitter account with my pen name too - let me know how it works out with your twitter account! I'm so behind the times with tweeting etc, lol! I love the name Taryn Kincaid though. Very nice.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Shana (or should I say "Shoshanna?")-- Although I've started the Taryn Kincaid Twitter account, Carly Phillips is my only follower! (She is good that way!) I'm still really just using the "ScrltLtr" account. I love Twitter. Didn't at first, but I do now. Cannot stand Facebook. The only problem for me with Twitter right now is that my hours at work are long, so I miss a whole day's worth of Tweets and then find it hard to catch up when I get home.
As for the pseudonym...I've changed the name here, which sort of changed my Google ID. When I post "comments" at other people's blogs, it's a toss up whether I'll use "Terri" or "Taryn" at this point. Depends on my mood. Or whether I think the blogger will or won't know it's me and whether it's a blog I've never visited before. (Unlikely, these days, since I can barely keep up with the blogs of people I actually know!) But if I link to DreamVoyagers, which I normally do, it'll lead them to Taryn Kincaid if they want to take a peek.
And since the novella won't appear until February...
I'm still torn.
You might want to change your Google ID on "The Writer's Challenge," though, so your posts and comments will start appearing as "Shoshanna."
What would you think about writing someting up for the HVRWA newsletter about this name-change dilemma?

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