Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Changes (Healing Hearts and Emma's dilemma)

Emma, Emma, Emma, my dear girl. You MUST stop going to the cliffs to spy on Adam.

"Do you think I do not know that? I am at my wit's end. My circumstances are dire. I cannot think what more to do...But there is something about the wretch that draws me. I cannot help myself. He is...a distraction."

Perhaps you are still in love with him?

"No! Never. Not after...what he did to Michael."

You know that was not his fault.

"I know nothing of the sort!"

Perhaps if you search your heart.

"My heart is frozen. And with one scant tin of tea remaining in my pantry, I cannot think of love."

Perhaps the viscount might help you.

"Look at him! Look at the way pain twists his features. And how he forces himself to exercise his wounded limb despite it. I cannot approach a man so determined and proud. I have that much pride left. Even if I have nothing else..."

I think he will help you, Emma.

"But at what cost?"


Anonymous said...

These are so much fun. I really should try it -one of these days.

Liz (my son is signed on to google so I'm comment anonymously)

Taryn Kincaid said...

Glad you're enjoying these, Liz. They are a way for me to more clearly see my characters and to provide them with something in the way of a heads up, poking them a bit to see what they will do.
This is Emma, my heroine from Healing Hearts, the Regency novella that Carina Press will publish in February. It's not an excerpt, it's my way of seeing if Emma can find a more compelling reason to spy on Adam from afar, other than to rub more salt in her psychic wounds.
I think Emma and I have accomplished that!

Jennifer Probst said...

Love it, you are always so clever...

Taryn Kincaid said...

Thanks, Jen. Back atcha.

Liz Lipperman said...

I love your voice. These are your characters? What genre do you write other than historical?

Taryn Kincaid said...

Liz! So glad you dropped by. I write nearly everything! As you may remember, my romantic suspense was a finalist in your Hook, Line & Sinker contest (Lara & Cole banter in some of my previous blog posts!) I also have a paranormal (now an erotic paranormal) under consideration: Dream Voyager, the story that gave this blog its name!
Have a great time at RWA!

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