Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reviews for Healing Hearts

The Romance Reviews has given Healing Hearts a four star review!

I'm thrilled and delighted. It's a totally amazing feeling when someone you don't know likes what you've written!

Read all about it:

HEALING HEARTS is a sweet historical romance story that any girl could love. This tale is the perfect combination of drama, angst and passion that will entertain you throughout. If you are looking for that stunning, but short read, HEALING HEARTS is the novel for you.

I was amazed by how deeply I was sucked into this short story. You barely have a hundred pages to understand the characters' past, their passion and their pain but Taryn Kincaid does an amazing job of condensing their story. The heroine, Emma, has a whirlwind of emotions she goes through within such a small amount of time, but you never feel rushed or cheated by the brevity of this story.

I love a tortured hero as much as the next girl and Adam was an amazing tortured hero. You could tell he was considered a somewhat arrogant lad before he went to war, but of course, he has come back a changed man.

Regardless, Emma has loved him for a very long time, but Adam took her twin brother with him to war and did not bring him back. Suffering the despair of her loss and the massive debt her family is in, she is torn between whether or not to confront Adam and ask for his help. She believes that she hates him, but one kiss from this wounded soldier melts her heart. Adam has no doubt Emma belongs in his life as his wife, it's just the small matter of convincing her they belong together.

Shorter stories are normally not my favorite since I sometimes feel you are cheated out of the emotional attachment you could have in a full-length novel, but that was certainly not the case with this story. Adam and Emma pulled me in with their desire for one another, hooked me with their inner torment and satisfied me with their happily ever after.

Ms Kincaid is certainly an author to watch out for. HEALING HEARTS looks to be her second published works and with her talent she has nowhere to go but up. ~ LisaJo

The Romance Review

Healing Hearts releases from Carina Press on February 28, but you can pre-order it now from Carina Press, Amazon, Borders and lots of other bookseller sites.

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