Wednesday, February 20, 2013


BLIZZARD's official release date is Friday! (Which means that, very possibly, you will be able to find it on Thursday at some vendors.)

Check out the Countdown Clock in the sidebar on the right. Fun, isn't it? (Okay, tacky. But still.)

Here are a few sentences from BLIZZARD while we wait:

Just the sight of the guy had her aroused. She wanted to do bad things with him. Bad, bad things. Her excitement increased.

"What else are you looking for?" His low, almost harsh growl kicked up her temperature a few more notches. The sexy, gravelly timbre of his voice resonated through her. One of his eyebrows lifted. No question, he’d caught her invitation, recognized it for what it was.

Did he really need her to say it out loud?

"Looking for you," she murmured.


Carol LaGatta said...

This is so teasingly cool. Maybe I can get it tomorrow. Yeah!

Taryn Kincaid said...

We'll see...The Decadent Publishing owners, most of the editors and a lot of authors will be at the Naughty I'm not sure how it will work!

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