Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 5-19-13

Signed a contract  last week with Decadent Publishing for HEAT WAVE, my next Sleepy Hollow series 1Night Stand story. No release date yet. Maybe late summer or fall. It's the story of Lily and Dagney's sister, Zena, and Max Raines' cousin, Bhyrne. She's a naughty succubus. He's the queen's enforcer. And, oh, yeah. He's in fire-sex demon heat. The story's a sizzler.

Here's a snippet for you. It's unedited, though. So what you see may not be what you get!
             Bhyrne Raines eyed the sultry succubus before him with as much steel as he could muster. Marauding minions! It was all he could do to keep from grabbing her by her barely-clad ass. He ached to fling her against the concrete wall, drag her booted legs around his waist and jackhammer into her seductive heat.  Over and over. Until she whimpered, sated and limp in his arms. And he roared with the force of his release. Nothing, certainly no female, no matter how hot and juicy, had ever tempted him to such a degree that he nearly scrapped his mission.

He was all about the honor. Without that, he was nothing.
 Don't forget to check out Lily's story in LIGHTNING and Max and Dagney's story in FROST!


Lisa Fox said...

Wow, you are aren't kidding about it being SIZZLING!

CarolKat said...

This is smoking hot! This is going to be a long wait! :)

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