Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 5-5-13

Happy Cinco de Mayo, campers!

Tequila shots all around.

Here's un poco de muy caliente (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's wrong) from my WIP, HEAT WAVE:

Bhyrne faced the wall and stared at the striking portrait of Dagney to distract himself from his mesmerized contemplation of Zena. The two succubi sisters looked nothing alike, but his examination of Max’s fine work did not help dispel his sudden obsession.
He blinked and sucked air back into his lungs, struggling to maintain control of the throbbing elevator below his belt before it left the lobby and zoomed straight up to the penthouse.
This. Was. So. Not. Good.
He made a show of inspecting the various decanters and bottles on the silver tray. Then selected the Lalique Macallan again and poured himself another. A stiff one.

           Bad choice of words there, Raines, all things considered.


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Poor Byrne, Zena and Max's work in the same room. I almost feel sorry for him. LOL Great snippet.

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