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Decadent A Buck a Book Blog Hop -- Shiela Stewart

Hi, everyone! Decadent Publishing is holding a fabulous "A Buck a Book" Blog Hop featuring terrific Decadent writers from May 13 to June 30 -- and there's an awesomesauce giveaway: an HD 7" Nook tablet. (I want one!)

I'm so happy to be a stop on the blog hop, hosting fellow Decadent writer, Shiela Stewart, the author of AWAKEN THE DEMON and THE NAUGHTY ANGEL!

Take it away, Shiela!

Hi, my name is Shiela Stewart. I am a paranormal romance author. As part of the Decadent A Buck a Book Win a Nook blog hop I’m here to share with you a little something I set up between the characters of Awaken the Demon (Draco and Missy) and The Naughty Angel (Ariel and Edison) because I felt they had a lot on common. Edison and Draco are both demons, and Missy and Ariel being very similar in personalities as in being more passive. Here is a rundown of what occurred. (I secretly recorded them)
Because Edison and Ariel are wanted by heaven and hell for treason, this encounter had to be cloaked for their safety. The meeting took place at Draco and Missy’s mansion which Draco equipped with plenty of guard for their protection.

This is just audio, so you will have to use your imagination as to what they are doing as they speak.


Draco: Welcome to our home. I hope your travels were uneventful?”

Edison: Thanks to your guards and the cloaking spell. Wow, this place is incredible.  Bet you hold some pretty awesome parties here.”

Missy: “We’re really not much of the partying type. I must say, I’ve never been in the presence of an angel before. I’m quite…uneasy.”

Ariel: “There’s no need. I’m no different than you really.”   

Edison: “Don’t let her sweetness fool you. She can be a nasty bitch when she wants to. Ouch!”

Draco: “I must say, when Shiela came to me with the idea of having us meet I was quite hesitant.”

Missy: “Hesitant. You threatened to disembowel her.”

Draco: “As well I should. Just the thought of me being in the same room with an angle is preposterous.”

Missy: “Please forgive my husband. He can be a bit of an ass at times.”

Ariel: “I understand the concern. When I heard she wanted us to meet with the two of you I was very nervous. You are, after all, Draco, a descendant from Satan himself.”

Edison: “I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet you. I’ve heard all the tales about you, good and bad. It’s an honor to finally meet you.”

Ariel: “You’re drooling, Edison.”

Edison: “You would drool too if you were in the presence of Jesus. Aw fuck, I don’t mean to compare you to Jesus. That was stupid.”

Missy: “Relax Edison. We understand. Can I offer the two of you a drink?”

Edison: “Hell yeah. Scotch, neat.”

Ariel: “Water will be fine for me, thank you.”

*Feet shuffling. Glasses clinking. *

Ariel: “I must admit, I really don’t understand Shiela’s motivation in having us get together. Thank you.” *Sounds of sipping.*

Missy: “She is a baffling woman. I found trying to get inside her head and figuring out her motivations frustrating. She put Draco and I through so much, twisting our stories about, changing what actually happened to her liking.”

Draco: “I told you long ago my love, that I could control her mind and have her tell our story properly.”

Missy: “And I told you to leave her be. She’s entitled to her creativity even if it is—“

Draco:  ”Wrong. She made me sound so…passive.”

Missy: “She put the event in which you killed Vincent in the book despite my pleading for her not to.”

Draco: “And she made it seem so tame.”

Missy: “She wanted readers to like you, not fear you.”

Draco: “I am to be feared.”

Missy: “Yes dear.”

Ariel: “She left out some key points in my story as well. Deciding to do a one night stand took a great deal of deliberation for me. She made it seem like it was nothing for me to turn on my beliefs and my loyalties and take a man to my bed whom I would never see again. I struggled for months with my decision.”

Edison: “And I am forever grateful for your decision.”

Missy: Was it hard for you both to turn on your beliefs and leave your families behind in order to be together?”

Ariel: “You would know better than anyone what love can do. No, it wasn't easy for me to step away from my kind, but at the same time, I couldn’t deny my needs any longer.”

Edison: “Boy does she have needs. Let me tell you, this woman is a hell of a lover. The things she does to me— Ouch! Why do you keep pinching me?”

Ariel: “Because you keep saying stupid things.  I felt Shiela made me a little too slutty—and if you open your mouth to that demon I will strike you down.”


Missy: “I wonder what she has done with her other characters.”

Draco: “I heard she created a bunch of vampires who fight on the good and kill their own kind.”

Edison: “Get out! That is messed up. Tame vampires.” *Snorts*

Ariel: “I could search them out. It wouldn’t take much time for me to gather them.”

Missy: “That’s an interesting thought.”

Ariel: “Isn’t it though.”

Edison: “We could gather everyone together, get their take on her and then write a tell all book. Shit, if she can do it, we can do it.”

Missy: “But how could we do this without her knowledge?”

Draco: “Leave that to me, my love.”

Missy: “You have wanted to control her since the first edition she wrote of you.”

Draco: “Damn straight!”

Ariel: “We don’t want her harmed though.”

Draco: “I won’t harm her. But it might be fun toying with her a little.”

Missy: “Draco, behave.”

Edison: “Why do you think it is that she likes taking the bad and making it good?”

Draco: “Human nature. They always want things to have a happy ending.”

Ariel: “Well, she did give us all a happy ending didn’t she. I mean, sure, she changed us a little, altered some of the facts but in the end, she gave us what we most desired.”

Missy: “Love.”

Ariel: “Exactly.”

Draco: “Fine, she brought love into our lives but come on, she tamed us. She made demons and vampires friendly. That’s just not right”

Edison: “You got that right. I suppose these vampires don’t drink from humans do they?”

Draco: “Only from their mates.”

Edison: “That is sick.”

Draco: “So are we all in agreement that we should gather the others and write Shiela’s story?”

Missy: Ariel: Edison: “Let’s do it.”

Draco: “Then it’s set.”


Quite something isn’t it? Here I thought getting a few of my characters together, ones I thought might benefit from each other was a good idea. Little did I know they would plot against me.  Sigh…If anyone knows of some good protection spells, please give me a call. I’m going to need them.

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Taryn Kincaid said...

Welcome, Shiela!

Jessica Subject said...

It's always interesting when characters meet who have such different personalities. Great post!

Shiela Stewart said...

Thank you so much Taryn, for having me today. I love your blog!

Shiela Stewart said...

Thanks Jessica! These four are definitely opposite!! LOL

Angela Waters said...

Very fun post. Love your characters :)

CarolKat said...

Sounds like my kind of book, adding to TBR!
I wouldn't mind having a Nook...

meryvamp said...

Shiela, your characters sound very interesting, and a little spiteful, lol. If my characters gathered like that, they'd be plotting a way to kill me. I put my characters through way too many ups and downs, and their endings aren't HEA endings. So yeah, they'd have it out for me ;)

Kathryn Attalla said...

well that was some interview. Can't wait to go out and read the story. Best of luck.

Kathryn Attalla said...

well that was some interview. Can't wait to go out and read the story. Best of luck.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Thanks, all, for stopping by!

Shiela Stewart said...

Its weird. I've posted responses twice now and they haven't shown up which is weird because it posted before.

Thank you everyone for showing up. I've put my characters through so much, changing their story, putting them through horror that I wasn't overly surprised they were pissed. LOL

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