Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-30-13

From my WIP, an historical set in upstate New York:

Her gaze shifted back to him and she met his eyes squarely. Let him dare. Let him dare try to disturb what was theirs, the life she had scratched and clawed to build after his betrayal. No one had ever crushed her the way Joe had. She would do anything to spare her son such pain and grief, to keep this faithless man from hurting him anymore than he had already by his absence. Anything.

Joe caught her look and held it. She might have melted once, but now a sharp current of pure fury shot through her, vibrating into her stiffening muscles before ebbing away. A curtain of stark red descended over her eyes. She could not afford to let undiluted rage blind her. With a conscious effort, she banked the simmering fire, unclenched her fists and stared back at him with clear-eyed indifference. "Danny fishes here. It's his place."

"He was good enough to share."

"He's a good boy."

"No doubt."

Doubt. She shook her head. The word echoed within her, insidious, pervasive. The raw ache had faded with the years, leaving only the banked, sleeping embers of her anger. "What a word for you to use."

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