Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-16-13

Since HEAT WAVE is coming out in the next few months...I thought we'd go back to LIGHTNING, my first 1Night Stand, for today's Sunday Sizzle!

 Zena Night, the heroine of HEAT WAVE is the naughty succubus sister of Lily Night from LIGHTNING and Dagney Night from FROST! We've met her in LIGHTNING's opening pages. Soon she'll have a book of her own.

But this is about Lily and her hunky squeeze, Campbell.

     “This time’s for you. For both of us. I want you writhing. Crying out my name to the sky.”

     His breath against her ear ignited another shower of sparks that he immediately captured with a long, slow, mesmerizing kiss, as if taking her errant power into himself and feeding her back current, controlled and tantalizing bit by bit.

     “I think that gorgeous neck deserves a tattoo.” He brushed her hair off her shoulder. “So you never forget me again. So you remember you’re mine. Tonight. At least for a little while.”

     He swept his mouth across hers, searing her soul. Before she could recover, he ranged a string of possessive kisses across her jaw, over her throat, nipping at her with tiny, playful bites. He caressed her with his tongue, the gentle laps both soothing and lethal as he marked the spot, sucking at her fragile, vulnerable skin. She floated on a cloud of pleasure, all thoughts fleeing. Only gradually did the haze of delight part enough for her consciousness to absorb what he was doing.

     “You’re giving me a hickey?” Her laughter spilled into the night. “That is so high school.”
     “Might I remind you where we are, baby?”

     He released her hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck to draw him back to her. “Do your worst, football hero.”

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