Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sizzle 6-9-13

The weather being what it is in my neck of the woods, decided to go with THUNDER for today's Sunday Sizzle!

“Camp. Pick up, damn it.” Sean drummed his fingers on the leather-wrapped steering wheel of his Porsche 911 Carrera as he sped up the Henry Hudson Parkway. Moments earlier, he’d slipped past the southerly portion of the West Side Highway seconds before it was closed to accommodate the swelling Independence Day crowds gathering at river’s edge.

“Whoa, where’s the fire, bro?”

“Where are you, man?” He looked up at the fast- moving storm clouds massing in the star-filled sky and debated whether to flip up the top of the pricey convertible. But so far no raindrops spattered the windshield, and he loved the way the sports car sliced through the brutal night, tossing refreshing drafts of air back at him.

“Um, you called me, Sean, remember? I’m on my cell. Talking to you.”
“Yeah, but where? Sleepy Hollow?”

“Good guess.”

Sean snorted. Since Campbell’s 1Night Stand date with the great love of his life, a woman he hadn’t seen in ten years and thought he’d lost, he’d spent every spare moment with her at the place they’d recaptured their bliss: the expansive grounds of the old high school where they’d first met, and which By Jones was demolishing to make way for a new, exclusive waterfront community.

“Actually, we’re on the boat,” Campbell told him. “Taking a lazy cruise on the Hudson. We’ll watch the fireworks downriver then come back. Thinking of spending the night on the Lily Flower. It’s cooler on the water.”

“Keep the radio on,” Sean warned, “and don’t go too far from shore. I’m just at the New York City-Westchester line and there are clouds already. A thunderstorm’s supposed to be rolling in.”

“Will do. So what’s up?”

Sean hesitated. “I’m taking a run up to Sleepy Hollow. Veronica Hardwicke’s got some new bee in her bonnet.”

“Veronica Hardwicke? A bee, huh? In her bonnet? I’d have said ‘itch.’ Much lower. One I think you’re hot to scratch.”

“The woman is nutty as a bag of trail mix.” Sean glanced into his side view mirror and executed a quick lane change, zipping around the slow-moving minivan in front of him and pressing the pedal to the metal to return to the fast lane. “I’m steering the hell clear of her.”

“Right. That’s why you’ve dropped everything to race up to Sleepy Hollow on the Fourth of July like your ass is on fire and she’s got the only hydrant in fifty states. And Canada.” Campbell paused. “And Chile.”

“Chile?” Sean snapped.

“Thought I’d throw that one in to see if you were paying attention.”
"Fuck you and Argentina, too."   He waited for his brother to stop laughing.

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Loved this passage! Another Hot and Sexy read from you Taryn!

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